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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Loneliness and Depression - Breaking a Devastating Cycle

By Kriti Arora
If loneliness and depression are engulfing your life and threatening to make you redundant, you need to do something about it. These are emotions a lot of people go through but which can be cured only if something is done about them. This article provides tips as to how you can beat loneliness and depression and break this devastating cycle.
  • It is important for you to believe, to believe in god or a greater being. That is the first step to cure loneliness. When you are overcome with feelings that no one cares about you or loves you, believe that god does surely. Spend time praying to him, if not with folded hands, then at least by having a conversation with him.
  • Believe in yourself and the power within you. The reason why most people are lonely is not that they have few friends, but because they don't know their own worth.
  • All your loneliness and depression is going to go away if you make sure that you are surrounded by people who love you. Make sure you spend at least some time everyday with friends and family and make that time a happy one. Seek out new friends as well.
  • One of the most effective ways of treating loneliness and depression is by understanding that there are people in this world who are a lot less fortunate than you are and by helping them. Doing volunteer work at a charity organization, your local hospital or orphanage will give you a sense of being good and help you deal with your own demons.
  • Behave, act and dress in a way that shows you are important. Start respecting yourself and you will not only be getting rid of your loneliness and depression soon, you will also be a happier person.
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