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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Get What You Want Through Better Communication

By Roger Engle
Have you ever stopped to realize just how important communication is to you? Not being able to connect with other people not only stops you from accomplishing your goals and needs but could also threaten your overall wellbeing. Yet many people have little to no communication skills and are doomed to continual problems in life - problems like not being able to get or hold a good job, not being able to maintain a meaningful relationship, not able to form friendships and more. But there is no reason for this - lack of good communication skills can indeed be overcome.
Being able to communicate well is a lot like being physically fit. Someone who doesn't use their muscles (by working out) will gradually lose muscle tone and get flabby. The same "use it or lose it" principle applies to communication skills. The more we interact with others, the more we practice our public speaking, the better at communicating we become.
If you're someone who has little to no contact with others and feel very insecure about approaching others at all, then start small. Go to a cafe, sit down, and when the waitress comes over order a cup of coffee. Some people are so insecure and apprehensive about human contact that even this is a major undertaking. As you progress, you can work up to small talk. Always clear and concise; no mumbling please. Believe that what you have to say is important - because if you don't, I can assure you that no one else will either.
History has shown just how fundamental communication is in order to grow, thrive and to become better tomorrow than we are today. When you look at the development of humankind and of our brains, you can understand the magnitude. Intelligence is important, but intelligence on its own is not an guarantee you'll be able to succeed in life. Your capacity to communicate well, and connect with others will enable you to not only survive but excel in business and life. All the knowledge in the world won't help if you can't relate or explain any of it to others.
When we communicate, we're speaking with more than just words. The message is also relayed by body language, tone and emphasis. Body language includes use of our hands and facial expressions as well as our stance and posture. Our tongue and larynx give tone, pitch and emphasis. It is these fine details that have enabled us to more clearly define ourselves and our beliefs, desires, etc. Work on your communications skills today and every day. It's generally accepted that people that are better communicators live longer, happier lives (probably because they get what they want!)
Roger enjoys writing and working on his communication skills. He also enjoys collecting neon signs. You can visit his his new website over at and check out the great deals on Neon Beer Lights.

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