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Thursday, May 6, 2010

How to Improve Social Skills

By Henrik Blunck
Social skills are something we learn by seeing how others do this. There is one type of social skills for social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but there are also other skills to be developed when you're hosting a dinner for friends or heading over to your first job interview. Let's take some of these skills grouped in each their category, and let's follow up at the end of this article
  • Social skills on the internet
  • Social skills when hosting a dinner
  • Social skills when going to a job interview
Social skills on the internet
Social skills on the internet involve sharing information with others. When you have specific knowledge in a field of interest you can build trust by sharing what you know with others in forums and in mailing lists. Even when someone writes an update on Facebook about being discouraged about bad weather or a broken relationship, you can offer your sympathy for their situation.
When you share little bits of yourself with others, you will begin to build trust - a highly useful thing which you could never buy anywhere. All the good will you're building by being a sociable person is what will come back as extra orders because people will - sometimes unconsciously - think of you because you have shown good talents in a related situation.
Social skills when hosting a dinner
When hosting a dinner, having extra wine - and mineral water for those who need to drive - should be part of good preparation. Make sure you have more than enough food, and be sure everything is handy and ready so you can share yourself with your friends during social events. There are obviously things that need to be done during the last minute, but preparation shows respect towards your guests, and show them you enjoy their company.
Close your laptop, and concentrate on the people around you. E-mails could stay on the server an hour longer without you losing anything. Most of us know there are different time zones anyway, and if they are too impatient to wait for you to have time to give them a reply, you need to educate your online contacts. If they complain they can look elsewhere for advice. That will establish yourself as a person that can prioritize between different assignments.
Social skills when going to a job interview
When you're entering a company for the first time, holding the door for that busy person that needs to exit the door may be exactly the test to see what type of person you are. Cellphones have made this possible, and your future boss will be far more receptive when he receives the SMS saying: "It is a courteous guy entering for job interview. He held the door and smiled."
At least you can start at a far better level than the person who overlooks these little, yet so very important, details.
In Conclusion
Be courteous in all your dealings. When you start off your day by being motivated to make at least one person happy every day, you're bound to be the happiest person yourself. Being sociable develops your attraction towards friends and colleagues, and why not give others a chance to like you?
Thanks for reading this article. Hope you enjoyed the information.
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