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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gain Control of Your Life

By Elliot Zovighian
There are more and more people who are feeling helpless everyday. They're feeling like life feeds them one misfortune after another and now they're at the breaking point. Every time they lift their heads above the surface, something drags them back down, and swallows them whole. If they could only tread water long enough to catch their breath; if they could only become buoyant without fear of sinking. They can. To make that happen you have to take it to life itself and dictate the life you want to have.
Every single person is given signs as to the path the universe has in store for us. It is up to them to take firm control of their lives to alter the path into the direction they want to go. One may sense tensions, but unless they take action to find out the cause of those circumstances and take positive steps to resolve those issues, the universal path with be dictating where they end up. Usually in a place they don't want to be.
You see it is our destiny to adapt and move forward. Everything in nature adapts and evolves, and so must we as humans, each on individual personal quest. When are confronted with situations that evoke pain, heartbreak and disappointment, it is an opportunity for a person to grow and learn. It is what the universe wants from us to do. When a person keeps going through the same problems, or is in a rut, it is because they haven't taken the appropriate action to improve their life and learn the spiritual lesson they need to rise to the next level and be happy.
All too often people unhappy in their lives will lash out at those around them and blame them for circumstances in their lives. Or get upset with people in whom they confide because they won't support their self destructive mindset. Being a friend to such a person means saying and doing things they may not like to help them move forward. We all must endure things we don't like to move forward sometimes. It's a fact of life and is unavoidable. But really one must take responsibility for themselves. Look inward instead of pointing the fingers at others. Don't worry about others. Let the focus be on those things that are necessary to achieve the goals that are desired.
To gain control of life one needs to accept responsibility. It means stopping the blame game in trying to justify negative outcomes and behaviour. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, but we must accept out mistakes and learn from them. Every experience in life is an opportunity to become a better person. We get to our goals one step and one day at a time. By accepting that responsibility and putting into action those things you need to fulfill your goals, you'll have taken a swing at what life throws your way and taken a firm control of where you want to be.
Elliot Zovighian is the owner of EZLifestyles and is a personal coach, writer, speaker and father from Toronto Canada who is committed to helping those live easier, happier lives.
Elliot Zovighian is a life coach, speaker, author, blogger is the owner of EZ Lifestyles, a life coaching company from Toronto, Canada. His daily blog offers articles and advice on such subjects as life skills, work and career, relationships, parenting, featured videos and more.

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