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Friday, June 18, 2010

Some Important Aspects of Self Esteem

By Darius Raeisi
When you think less about yourself it undermines your ability to do better things. It means you have self esteem issues. Many people in our world today have self esteem issues, which directly affects their behavior, how they think about the world, and especially about themselves. Having a good and high level of self esteem is very important in our lives. Your success and failure in life will depend on the level of self esteem you possess. Most importantly, almost every famous person, whom you see at the top today in all sectors of the world, have extremely high self esteem levels. Their high levels of self esteem they have did not just appear one day. In fact, the strong self-esteem was nurtured and fed, and their lives were made better by what they thought and how they behaved.
You can not just sit and wish for everything to be better. You must have an initiative, believe in that initiative, and move on with it. In this life, there are people who will always try to make you feel very stupid and useless, but this is where self esteem comes in. In cases like this, a person with a high self esteem hears all these bad and very painful things being said about him, but takes it as a reason to move on. On the other hand, a person with a low self esteem or no self esteem will just bear the hatred in his or her heart. They will have hatred for those people forever, which might also lead to very bad health conditions for themselves.
Success will come your way when you know what you are, what you want, where you want to be some day, and if you make adequate preparations to make sure you have a better life. Self esteem matters hugely because there are so many things that happen in our lives and we must know how to fight and keep our faith high. A person with high self esteem believes that he or she is the best no matter what anyone says. If you have a low or weak self esteem, you will be unfaithful to yourself, making your life a an unhappy one.
So, now it's your choice if you want to live with high self-esteem or if you wish to have a possibly meaningless life due to no self-esteem!
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