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Friday, June 18, 2010

Stress the Biggest Killer of Our Times and it's Causes

Suffering from stress can weaken our immune system and that can lead to a lot of health problems. Some of these problems can be of a psychological nature but a lot of them tend to be physical . Stress can lead to higher blood pressure, which can give us a lot of heart problems and as we all know heart disease is one of the biggest killers of our times.

Stress can be caused many factors such as our careers, unhappy married life, financial difficulties, the behavior of our kids, bereavement etc. We will examine some these causes a little more closely and try to discover how they can lead to stress.

As we all know we all have to go out to work to make a living and job stress can becaused by having higher expectations of our selves or having these placed on us by our colleagues or our bosses. Trying to achieve some things beyond our capabilities leads to a lot of disappointment and which can ultimately lead to stress. Working in cramped or untidy environments can also lead to stressful situations at the work place. Having an overpowering or overbearing boss can also lead to a frustrating work experience which can lead to job stress.

Stress can be caused by having a life partner that you no longer get on with and this can lead to a very unhappy home life and it can get so bad at times that you can not face going back to your house, because you know as soon as you enter the house, you are going to be greeted with abuse or a very cold welcome at the least and this can affect all areas of your life. Going through an acrimonious divorce can also give us a lot of stress. An unhappy home life can also derive from having rebellious children or setting goals beyond the capabilities of our kids and failure to achieve these goals can give both the parents and children sleepless nights and this can give all the parties concerned a lot of stress.

Stress can also be caused by having lost a dear one and coming to terms with a life without them. This sort of stress is called emotional stress and this can lead to a lot of health problems. Our brains are like electrical circuits and what can happen if we overload a circuit? Yes you guessed that right! You blow a fuse and this is exactly what happens when we overload our brains with too much emotional stress. we can have a breakdown, which could be psychological or physical.

And finally stress can be caused by having unmanageable debts as well. If you have more money going out of your bank account than you have coming in, this is a constant source of worry and pressure which ultimately leads to stress. Bills keep dropping through the letterbox and letters from your creditors are painful reminders of the dire consequences if your financial situation doesn't improve soon can give you sleepless nights, which can lead to unbearable stress.
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Nirmal Orakh is writer and a professional Driving Instructor. Stress being part of a Driving Instructors job, Nirmal has written many articles on the causes of stress and how best to deal with it.

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  1. Yes, all of the situations you mention can be associated with an increase in stress. And an increase in stress does have physical, emotional and mental ramifications.

    But lets look deeper. Is stress the situation? Not really. Stress is our internal response to a situation which challenges us to change and adapt. By understanding how to define stress we can set ourselves free from blaming others and turn our attention toward modifying our own internal response. Blessedly, this approach can lead to less stress and a happier healthier life.