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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Acceptance Vs Settling

By Terri Fox
Acceptance does not mean settling. We have to learn acceptance throughout our life. Sometimes we believe that we have to settle for something. It doesn't. In the world of bodybuilding, we have to accept what we have to work with (genetics). I am 5′3". I will never be taller. I accept that. I am a natural bodybuilder, so I have to accept the fact that I am limited in my supplementation. That is fine with me. I accept that at age 45 I recover at a slower rate than women half my age. What I don't have to accept is my body as it is today. I have the ability to change muscle mass and definition. That is something I can control. I can control it with the amount of weights that I lift, the contraction that I hold, the sets and reps I use and the food my body requires for change.
Before changes can be made, acceptance must be attained. Our minds have to fuse with our bodies. This does not mean acceptance of limitations, just acceptance of what we have to work with. As human beings we are constantly criticizing ourselves. We are our own worst enemies. I have heard so many times, "if only". If only what? Why waste valuable time thinking this way? We can't change genetics; we must work with genetics. Yes, it is challenging to say the least, but doesn't that make it more valuable in the end? Knowing that you have the ability to become a better you and that you alone hold the keys to that change, is the beginning. We don't have to settle for where we are in our lives at the moment. Settling happens when we decide not to make an effort. We settle for what we have and where we are. Acceptance helps move us in a direction to change. We accept a challenge. So get out of your own way; accept what you have to work with and begin building your foundation on that. Acceptance is your baseline. Everyone has to start somewhere. Accept your challenge to become a better you.
Terri Fox
Life Changes, be ready

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