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Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Rebuild Your Self-Confidence After Failure



After facing failure you simply want to die. You have no courage or energy for anything.
You need a miracle.
Therefore, you must believe in miracles. This is the first rule you have to obey if you want to have the courage to go ahead and triumph. This is very difficult because you cannot believe in anything.
However, I can prove to the world that miracles happen because I found salvation from despair when I was totally lost, depressed, and always angry. I was saved by a miracle.
This is why I'm telling you that you must believe in miracles. Your faith won't be based on your imagination.
The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is God's mind. God exists, and He is as saintly and as wise as described by all religions. He helps us in all ways when we obey His guidance in the dream messages. Carl Jung discovered this truth, but he acted like a scientist, and not like a sinner. I, who was a terrible sinner, could easily understand that I was receiving divine grace without deserving it. Thus, I had a religious attitude.
This story looks like a fairy tale, but there is also a tragic part in it, which proves that it is not an invention. There is always something bad in our reality when we discover the truth. This is why we never doubt that there is something bad behind the scenes, or that something bad could happen in the future. However, we are always afraid to trust someone. We cannot believe that we will find something good in the dark future ahead.
The divine unconscious mind is very generous and sends us precious messages in dreams because we are basically demons. We need guidance in order to eliminate all the evilness, the absurdity, the indifference, and the cruelty we have inherited into the biggest part of our brain.
In other words, we are immensely helped in all ways when we learn the dream language and we understand the unconscious guidance in dreams. However, we receive this generous help because we are too far from balance and we cannot find peace without guidance. This is the tragic part of the story.
Dreams are mysterious because the unconscious mind must hide the information it sends to our conscience from our anti-conscience, which is the primitive side of our conscience that didn't evolve like our human side. We have to study the dream language in order to understand the meaning of dreams.
The anti-conscience will be able to understand the meaning of our dreams when our human conscience will understand their meaning by studying the dream language. However, the anti-conscience won't be able to distort the meaning of the dream messages because it will learn this meaning after our human conscience does.
On the other hand, the anti-conscience is idiotic. Its intelligence cannot be compared to the intelligence of our human conscience. Our conscience can study and learn many things, while the anti-conscience refuses studying and learning whatever. It is a self-destructive animal.
Therefore, the reason why our dreams are so confusing is the necessity to hide the unconscious messages from our anti-conscience, which would distort their meaning if it could learn it before our conscience would understand these messages and follow the unconscious guidance.
You only have to learn the dream logic and the meaning of the most important dream symbols in order to understand how the dream images are connected. The dream images follow the unconscious logic.
Thus, miracles can happen because God exists and He helps us in all ways by sending us precious guidance in dreams.
You will be immensely helped by following the unconscious guidance, and successfully solve all problems. This guarantee is given to you thanks to my work, after continuing Jung's research, and discovering the unconscious sanctity.
The unconscious mind will show you how to achieve your goals by giving you many clues, like a good teacher. You have to participate of your psychotherapy and put all the clues together, making your conclusions.
In the end, you'll become a doctor too. You'll understand all the process of your psychotherapy and how someone can be cure through dream translation. The unconscious mind gives you many lessons and explanations in dreams.
The unconscious messages will help you believe in salvation because you will see how your problems can be solved. You will feel that you have the privilege to understand many things about yourself and about the world thanks to the unconscious guidance.
The second rule you must respect in order to have the courage to go ahead after facing failure is the fact that you have to accept failure as if it was not the end of the world. Of course, a failure is the end of the world for you. However, the truth is that the world will keep working even after your big failure. The sun will shine again. The birds will sing with all their energy, as if nothing bad had happened to you.
A failure is not the end of the world, even though it seems to be a tragic end. Each failure is another lesson and another step in your journey.
The third rule is related to the second one. You must always stand up after falling, and keep walking. If you'll keep walking, someday you'll arrive.
The unconscious mind will help you arrive faster, and without making useless attempts. You will be guided.
You will surely find the courage you need to go ahead and triumph thanks to dream translation. Now that I transformed Carl Jung's complicated and time consuming method of dream interpretation into a fast method of instant translation, you are able to immediately understand the unconscious guidance, and immediately solve your problems.

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