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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Success: Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?


What's holding you back from achieving your full potential? My bet is on YOU!
They say that you can achieve whatever you want in life but that doesn't mean you can just wish for it and it will magically happen. Ultimately, you are the one that makes it happen. You are the one that puts yourself in the way of opportunity and the one that seizes that opportunity and makes something of it. No-one else can do that for you.
In the same way, you are also the one that gets in your own way. Whether this is conscious or unconscious, you create your own obstacles and barriers to success. Don't despair though - if you have the power to create them you also have the power to break them down. Don't stand in your own way between failure and success.
Success may be a matter of perseverance and belief in yourself but it is also about commitment, using your time wisely and working in a focussed way towards your goals. Essentially you must be organised! You cannot achieve success or do great things when everything around you is chaotic - your environment is in a mess and your mind is cluttered. Despite excuses to the contrary "organised chaos" only works in a temporary situation. Living or working in a constant state of disorganisation or a state of perpetual chaos, is just that! CHAOTIC. No other word for it!
So what are the signs and symptoms of chaos? Try these few examples for a start:-
  • forever trying to find things
  • constantly forgetting things
  • making things up as you go along
  • duplication
  • often re-doing or having to fix things that weren't done properly the first time
  • making mistakes
  • getting easily distracted
  • leaving important things to the last minute
  • frequently missing deadlines
  • frequently apologising
  • living / working in a mess
  • forever fighting the clock
  • wasting time doing things that don't add any value
  • getting stressed
  • working longer hours but getting nowhere.
Well we've all been there to some degree but there's really no excuse. You end up just wasting your own time as well as everyone else's. And, you only have yourself to blame. This is definitely not the road to be on if you want to achieve success in your life.
If you value your time and want to get the most from it, then organisation is the key. You must be clear and decisive about what you want to achieve, using forethought and working to some sort of plan. Being organised and making efficient use of time allows you to work proactively rather than reactively. Your credibility is enhanced when people see you as being efficient and productive and you work better when you are organised and your mind is clear. Your results always speak for themselves.
If you see yourself in any of the behaviours listed above then its definitely time to stop and re-think. Our lives are demanding, it is hard to fit everything in. Change isn't always easy. But, what is the cost to your career, relationships and your life if you continue spiralling backwards?
Positive change is like compound interest - the more you put in the more you get out. Benefits are realised over time. It's not a one minute fix but it's all well worth it in the end.
Of course, organisation and time management are not the only determinants of success but they do provide a good foundation for helping you achieve your full potential.
So, do yourself and others a favour. Take control of your time now. You have the power to make the change. Take charge of your life now and reap the rewards.
I've seen the results of how getting a little organisation in your day can make major changes in your life. It's the difference between being a winner and a loser. Create lasting change in your life by making your time work better for you. Come and join other like minded people working to become more productive and successful in their lives. On my website you will find a comprehensive step by step program with valuable information to help guide you towards greater success and achievement.
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