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Sunday, February 19, 2012

What Does Self Esteem Mean to You?


Do you have high self esteem or low self esteem? Answering this question honesty can have a profound impact on your life.
But why does it matter so much?
Because self esteem is the ability to love yourself completely just the way you are. No exceptions. No rules. And no possible way of every turning back.
When you truly love and accept yourself for who you are on the inside it will start to affect your outside world in ways you probably can't even imagine right now.
But give it time and you will see a difference, a huge difference, not just emotionally but physically and mentally as well.
Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself the question, what is self esteem? We all know that self esteem is an internal job but it effects so much of our external world too.
Because true change happens within not without as the great spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle says.
However, in order to truly love yourself just as you are right NOW you MUST accept everything about yourself.
Yes everything! Your weight. Your looks. Your attitude. Your job. Your spouse. Your car. Your financial situation. Your emotional situation. Your kids.
I'm talking everything. Now you don't have to like it all, at least not yet anyways, you just have to accept it for how and what it is right NOW.
So if there's something you just can't, don't or won't accept YOU must change it then. Because that is what self esteem is - total acceptance of one's self.
Loving yourself and everything about you is the first step towards self esteem building and living a more richer, rewarding, fulfilling life.
DO what needs to be done. Say "I love and accept myself", out loud or at least to yourself 100 times a day.
BE the change you want to see in the world. Create real joy for yourself. You are worth the effort, you know. And also please know that no one else can or will do it for you. You must accept the responsible to change. Then you must act.
And remember you must BE before you can DO and you must DO before you can HAVE.
Start today by loving yourself for all that you are and all that you have and all that's yet to come. Take the time to figure out what self esteem is to you.
Because now it's your turn...what is self esteem to you?
Michelle Sears is the author of a personal development website that is packed full of information that might just help you change your life. To find out more stop by her site and let her know if you liked what you saw or not. And please send any suggestions you may have. Michelle's site was created to help you build a deeper more loving relationship with yourself.
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