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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Secrets to Overcoming Adversity



Adversity is an intrinsic part of the human condition. If you have a passion for life, you have to embrace every aspect of life including adversity. Throughout your life, you'll be haunted by all kinds of challenges. Some are going to be more difficult than others. The key is to learn how to appreciate the process of overcoming adversity in your life. The difficulties you experience are what shape you as a person. Whether such personal evolution results in positive or negative change is entirely up to you. Learn to overcome these challenges and take control of your destiny. Use these guidelines to push past the barriers of strife and reach your most desired goals:
1. Develop Your Emotional Resilience
Rarely will you find a challenge that focuses entirely on your physical abilities. Most of the adversity you will encounter in your life will test your mental and emotional strength. You will encounter failures, breakups and personal losses. Although these events don't "physically" hurt you, there is a lot of emotional and psychological trauma involved. Guide your personal evolution towards the direction of emotional resilience. Understand that adversity is part of life. Understand that pain and suffering are inevitable consequences of mortal existence. Overcoming adversity is easier done with an enlightened perspective. Sharpen your wits; it is your main weapon against emotional vulnerability.
2. Establish External Sources of Support
One reason why some people fail in the face of adversity is because of one tragic flaw - pride. When you face a difficult challenge, be humble enough to admit that you might need help. Sometimes overcoming adversity requires teamwork. Let your loved ones - your friends and family - assist you in your time of need. Your ability to work with others is a positive sign of a progressing personal evolution.
3. Stay Positive
Your lifetime struggle with adversity is mostly going to be a metaphysical battle. It is the resilience of your will and the strength of your resolve that are going to be constantly challenged. Make sure that your personal evolution is headed towards an attitude of optimism. Overcoming adversity is made more difficult by the presence of pessimism and self-doubt. A positive attitude will win you more battles in your war against adversity.
4. Keep Your Composure
Adversity is the invisible enemy. You have no visual perception of it, but you know that it's there when you're struck with fear. Whatever happens, don't panic. As long as you remain composed, as long as you keep your wits, you will find a way. Fearful situations are actually good for your personal evolution. When you get used to the fear, when you can act intelligently even when you're afraid, overcoming adversity is going to be much easier.
5. Get Back on the Horse
Overcoming adversity is like being in a boxing match without judges or time constraints. The only way you're going to lose is if you don't get up after being knocked down. But if you keep getting back up, you can't be defeated. Life can beat you up and knock you down, but as long as you have it in you to get back on your feet, you can overcome anything. In your own personal evolution, teach yourself to get up after every fall.
The most successful people in the world have turned overcoming adversity into an art form. Some of them have even created teams and methods to deal with different challenges. Most of what you'll learn with regard to defeating this invisible enemy is going to be learned through your own personal experiences. Just make sure that you're ready to learn the lessons life is about to teach you. Let these lessons guide your personal evolution into someone who not only welcomes adversity, but actively seeks out new challenges.
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