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Monday, February 6, 2012

Is Worrying Normal?



If you never had a bout with worry, check your heartbeat. Everyone has and will worry. Are your worries overwhelming you, then that's not normal. If you would like to step out of the worry zone, you've come to the right place.
You could call worry a survival trigger, that warns you of present danger, or to quickly change course. It is learning how to effectively deal with problematic issues that come up throughout your lifetime; that's the challenge. Not being able to sort through the muck grips millions of people year after year into a paralyzing unhealthy addiction, to the parasite called worry.
Have You Experienced Some of These?
• Endlessly worrying
• You would like to stop but can't
• Feeling overwhelmed
• Anxiety attacks
• Rapid heartbeat
• Sleepless nights
• Dwelling on "what if's"
• Digestive problems
• Heartaches
• Muscle tightness
• Your family avoids you
Worrying if left unchecked and unresolved will cause undue stress, and stress has been known to cause illness in both the body and mind.
Why do You Worry?
Are you worried right now? Do you worry about things that you were not able to control in the past, and do you also worry about things that can't be foreseen in the future. Being too preoccupied with things that are no longer within your reach and things not yet within your reach will keep you in an endless state of worry. When you identify the triggers, you'll be able to think clearly and deal with the issues at hand.
Which Realm are You Living In?
Do you sometimes find yourself dwelling on decisions you made in the past? For example: What if you had just saved a little money back then, or taken that other job instead of this one? Or wished you had spent more time with a loved one? Do you really believe your life would be better today? You must always remember that the past has taken care of itself. It can't be changed. Begin excepting that reality and quelling the guilt of the past is your first step to conquering and overcoming worry.
Worrying about events that may never come to pass can be just as dangerous. Future worries are yet another unproductive activity you don't want to be caught in. You have no control and will never have control of the future. However, preparing yourself and your family for future events are important. For example, there's a stark difference between saving money for the future versus worrying about the sky falling.
Tiger Shark or Jellyfish?
Now we come to the present, and perhaps, the most challenging time period for a worrier. Why, because this is where you must meet reality. You can choose to have the heart of a tiger shark, and swallow up your worries. Or perhaps, a jellyfish and float back into the lonely dark endless abyss, probably not.
Start today and find your solution here. Don't focus on the past, and remember the future is not staring you in the face yet. Become engaged now, so that any present problems will be in clear view. When you begin the process of sorting through the murky waters, you will discover that your anxieties about the past and the future will slowly sink to the bottom and eventually melt away.
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