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Thursday, July 5, 2012

6 Secrets To Combat Work Stress


Work stress is something that many employees find themselves taking time off for. However, it is also something that is possible to avoid relatively easily. Here are just six ways to help combat and eliminate stress in the workplace.
Schedule Regular Massages
Massages are a great way to help the body relax and unwind. Professionals locate the areas of the body where the tension is held and remove the knots, eliminating the tension and the stress felt from that. They also help to reduce the blood pressure and reduce pain felt in various parts of the body. This is not just about someone pampering his or herself; there are certain massages that are better for this than others and it is possible to have them prescribed by a doctor and see a professional and licensed massage therapist - this way the cost is covered by medical insurance.
Exercise Regularly
Exercising is good for the body and something that the body needs every day. It not only helps to keep the muscle moving but also leads to the release of endorphins and serotonin in the brain; chemicals that help with promoting happiness and pain relief. Being happier will help with reducing the stress felt in the workplace. It is a great idea to start exercising on a lunch break, even just for 10 or 15 minutes. This will help to release the endorphins to combat the problems experienced during the morning and be ready for the afternoon.
Delegate Tasks
As people move up the career ladder, they are given more responsibilities. That does not mean that everything has to be done by them personally. Delegating tasks will help to reduce the workload and, in turn, the stress experienced in the workplace. Start the day by looking at the tasks that need to be done and give some of them to others who work on lower levels of the same department. There will be some have to be done by one specific person but not everything.
Get Enough Sleep
The body needs sleep to function and trying to get through a day on little sleep will mean that the productivity levels are much lower. Lower productivity then leads to feeling like the tasks are harder and there is more to get through, which leads to stress at work. Set up a relaxing bedtime routine and exercise during the day to help the body relax on a night. As the body unwinds and sleeps, the brain will have the chance to relax and be ready for the next day.
Work More Efficiently, Not Harder
There is no need to work hard to be efficient. Having an organized workplace will help to organize the working day more, leading to more work being done and a stress-free day. There are plenty of books available on time management and how to become more productive in the working day, which are worth looking into.
Take a Vacation
Finally, take some time off. There is no need to work five or six days a week, 52 weeks a year; in fact, it will not do the body any good. Have some time away from work - and away from emails and anything to do with work! - and relax. This could be on a vacation somewhere or just in the home.
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