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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Solving Problems In Life


Each one of us has a chance in life to make it what we want, the trouble is, recognizing the opportunity when it arrives----in life, if you go down a street one day you become impressed with nothing and, end up marrying it or something stupid like that. The trouble is we are not all blessed with the right amount or perception. Take an agent I once had who offered me a stand up gig in a war zone! "Look, Harry," I said "the other side has also got bombs that can see in the dark and read maps!" I thought I had made a good case for turning the gig down but Harry had other ideas. "Don't be ridiculous, John! Who the hell would want to waste an intelligent bomb on a comedian?" You see, people like Harry crop up all over the place in people's lives---in the end, the truth is, we're better off without them and making our own decisions as to what direction we want to go in. No how to books, no backwoods philosopher, no street smarts can do that for you----only ourselves can do it---so, believe in yourself and go for it and you will accomplish all that you have in your dream.
Of course, the smart guys say, you need our help, we're the professionals! Professionals in what? Crossing the street? Dozens of so called self help groups and individuals have cropped up over the years selling uis theories and books and DVD's about how we can be more 'assertive' etc!! What rubbish! We do not need anyone to tell us how to use a street crossing unless we are in another country and they they do it differently there, which I doubt. These so called experts are the new disease of the 21st century. They remind me of a story from a woman who visited a market and thought she might become a writer, she saw a typewriter on a stall for $1. she passed the stall but went back to it, when she did, the typewriter now had a ticket on it for $4.! "That was only a $1. a minute ago she said to the vendor.
"Inflation, credit crunch, recession," said the vendor.
"If I said Polka dots often enough would you repeat it" said the woman. He didn't reply and she then said, "It's broken, the letter 'A' is missing!"
"That's its uniqueness." said the vendor, "a missing letter gives budding writers an incentive."
"To do what, kill themselves?" said the woman. "Where the hell can you write something without using the letter 'A' so that it will be understood?"
The vendor scratched his head. Ehm, China?"
An this is the attitude we encounter in our lives daily and which holds us back, we ourselves can break these chains and achieve our goals without paying charlatans for canned soup advice!
Till the next time, TC, JBC
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