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Thursday, July 26, 2012

How Will You Know When You Are Successful?



We all want to be successful.
We want to be successful in our relationships.
We want to be successful in our careers.
We want to be successful in our lives... period!
The problem is... what does "success" actually mean to you?
To just you?
If you don't know what "success" means to you then how do you expect to know when you've become successful?
Crazy question, isn't it?
Have you ever thought about it?
People who have clear definitions about what success means to them usually always end up succeeding.
People who simply "want to succeed", but have no definitions about what success means to them... well, they always seemed trapped in the "trying to be successful" phase of everything.
Aren't you tired of trying to so hard, and still not being successful?
Here's what you need to do:
Take out a piece of paper.
Make columns and list the areas of your life that are important to you. Career, relationships with specific people, personal, spiritual... whatever categories are important to you. Be as specific as you want to be. Break your life down into as many columns as you can think of that are important to you.
Now sit and think a moment on each column. Define what success will look like in each of these areas when you attain it.
For example, in 'Career', perhaps you write down, "Become a manager by the time I'm 30".
Or in 'Relationship With Significant Other' you might write down, "Communicate well, show affection for one another, date night once a week."
Just sit there for a bit and think about what success will look like for you when you achieve it.
Maybe in 'Personal' you write down, "Own a 4 bedroom house. Own a black Mercedes. Go on a yearly vacation."
I don't know what you need to write down. You need to think about each thing and you need to decide what success will look like.
Remember you can't really become successful until you have defined what success actually is for you.
So take the time to actually do this exercise. You might be surprised to find out that things you thought you were far from being successful with you are actually already successful with it.
Or you might discover that the things you "thought" you wanted success in you don't actually care much about.
Whichever way it goes, spend some time with yourself and be honest. Remember too that this list can change over time. Things tend to happen in life that makes you need to update this list every so often. Don't be afraid to change the game plan.
Don't be afraid to succeed!
Kerry A Flinders is the founder of Kerry Flinders Hypnosis & Life Coaching. Kerry is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and move forward in life, easily. At you can find Life Coaching Programs for every budget, as well as hundreds of Hypnosis Downloads to help you make changes easily.
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