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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Concept of Creative Confidence


How much creative material and ideas do we feel capable of producing in a given day or for a given project? Some people believe their talents and abilities reside elsewhere. My be their interest revolve around more practical sets of instructions, mechanisms and standards. A rout that is there to be followed and never challenged or overlook. But as David Kelley of IDEO tried to convey in his March 2012′s TED Talk the spark of creativity does exist inside every one of us. Many everyday factors play a role in the dampening of the innate creative ability of humans. In our human society, where everything from the behaviors, personality and expectations for success are already well mapped out, it becomes a great challenge to develop in more depth what Kelley calls thecreative confidence or, as I understand it, the confidence in our natural ability for creative expression.
We should not think of creative as that pertaining just the realm of the arts. All fields need, benefit, rely and gain relevance not in a small part because of the creativity and ingenuity of humans. Creativity is about looking at something; an object, a problem, a situation, from new and original perspectives and finding innovative solutions. We need to embrace our creative consciousness. We need to value our human creative ability. We need to appreciate this ability as part of our everyday lives and take it even farther.
It is a challenge but one worth taking, in a process of self- assertion that will only move us closer to attaining our true potential and the posibilities of our field.
Yes, we are all capable of harnessing creativity to solve problems and find innovative ways to see and interpret the world around us. We just need to move away from the common assumptions about what type of people or personality has the creative gene and develop our innate ability to experiment and discover, imagine and create reality, which goes way beyond the realm of the arts, and into our everyday lives and a true knowledge of ourselves.
Only by gaining confidence in ourselves as creative thinkers and problem solvers is that we'll train our minds to develop stronger ideas and infuse our professional careers and personal lives with innovation and the trill of self-discovery and self-efficacy*.
You may see and listen to this TED Talk by following this link:
(* a term presented by Kelley as described by Dr. Bandura)
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