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Monday, July 16, 2012

Self Esteem Building Tips



If you are suffering with a distinct lack of self-esteem and confidence right now, you need to pull yourself out of the slump you have found yourself in. It is easier said than done, of course, but with these helpful tips, you will find that you will soon be feeling back to your normal self in no time at all.
1. Appreciate yourself! Come on now; give yourself a break! Think about all of those certificates that you have earned over the years! Who cares if it was just for the dancing school that you went to when you was 8 or the school swimming team that you was a part of in high school; you were good at things and you still are! You should be happy and proud of all of your achievements over the years and sometimes, you just need to get out that old photo album or certificate folder and remind yourself of how fabulous you were and still are!
2. Socialize! Sometimes all it takes for you to feel better is some time out with friends. This doesn't have to mean a particularly drunken Friday night or an expensive dinner somewhere. Why not just have a lazy night at yours and invite all of your friends over for a pizza and a bottle of wine or two. Being alone in your own company is one of the worst things that you can do when you are suffering with low self-esteem and confidence as you will have time and space to criticize everything about yourself. Hang out with people that you like and trust and you will soon remember how it feels to be good enough.
3. Acceptance. Sometimes you just have to remember that everyone makes mistakes every now and again. There is no need for you to berate yourself or lessen your self-worth! You may have weaknesses but at the same time, you have strengths too. There is an incredibly fine line between constructively criticizing yourself and then just being plain critical of everything you do. Who cares that you are no good with numbers? I'm sure you can make a great dinner party for six people without even batting an eyelid.
4. Have a positive mental attitude. If you think everything is going to go wrong, there is a good chance that it will do. There is nothing wrong with thinking on the bright side every once in a while and if that means getting your hopes up everyone now and then; do it!
Susan is a full-time freelance writer. She is an avid traveler and reader and enjoys writing on health & fitness, travel, parenting, relationships and personal development.
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