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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Enemy of Consistent Action

By Kurt Turrell
Sustained success only comes to those who take consistent action towards their goals and objectives. One is tempted to claim that inactivity or lack of action is the direct enemy of consistent action; that may sound obvious. Yet lack of action or inactivity is merely a symptom of a deeper problem. When the real enemy is treated, inactivity is replaced with motivation and achievement. Let's examine this enemy of action and success.
There are many symptoms of the enemy. In fact, many carry this internal enemy for so long that the symptoms may appear to be the real issue. But to treat a symptom is not to affect a cure. Some of the more obvious symptoms of this enemy are: personal insecurity, depression, drugs and alcohol, excuses, sloth, indecision, obsessive-compulsiveness, extreme hubris or egotistical behavior. The symptoms can be most anything negative that is promoted by this destructive enemy. On the paradoxical opposite end of the spectrum, this horrible enemy can create over-achievement, perfectionism, or some other form of over-compensation. More often than not, such people are so driven by this deep-seated enemy that it excludes the possibility of a successful, well-rounded life. For example, someone suffering from one form of this demon may be single-mindedly focused on finances to the exclusion of enjoying love, or being an effective lover or parent. The symptoms are too many to enumerate.
The enemy I speak about is Fear! Millions upon millions live in some kind of fear. And that fear, in turn, affects the quality of their lives, preventing them from ultimate achievement and therefore sustained success. For many of these sufferers there was a traumatic event, or several reinforcing frightening events, that imbed and anchor fear so deeply, like a demon needing exorcism. Fear manifests its destructive nature in many habits, including the symptoms mentioned. For those with the deepest, most suppressed, most unrecognized and exacerbated fear, the only real hope might be professional mental help. [As a side note, dear reader, if you have a loved one that needs help, to ignore and avoid is to enable continuance.] For others who recognize their issue or accept their symptoms, there is a strong potential for self-help. We must not allow it to win, for fear is the enemy of success, joy, and fulfillment.
As I have written in previous blogs, recognition of the issue, acceptance, and a desire for change is half of solving the problem. The other half of the solution is discovering the method or methods of treatment that work for you. Just as each person is different, so too are their problems and applied solutions.
Fear must be yanked out by its root, like a vicious weed extracted to prevent proliferation. One effective way to extract fear is through conditioning. The fear must be interrupted, halted, and replaced with a positive. One absolutely excellent program for doing exactly that is called "NACS" (a Registered Trademark of Anthony Robbins, Robbins International). As long as a person does not need professional, clinical treatment, Anthony Robbins' programs can be entirely effective. The point is that the mind must be reprogrammed or reconditioned in order to exorcise fear.
As juxtaposed as it sounds, we must take consistent action against fear because fear is the enemy of consistent action.
Kurt Turrell is a business consultant, lifestyle coach, entrepreneur, and author. With over 20 years in hotels, management, education, and life skills development, Kurt is an authority on many areas of business, management, sales and marketing, and business streamlining, as well as helping individuals to achieve abundance and success in all areas of life/living. Go to: to get "Lifetime Success in 6 Simple Steps" completely free.

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