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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stress and Anxiety Relief Without Drugs

By Dan McBee
In order to solve a problem you must first understand the problem.
While Stress and Anxiety may be the result of an outside event or situation, it has more to do with your ability to cope with the event or situation. What really causes you to get stressed out is fear.
Two Main Types of Fear
One type of fear is healthy fear, this would be like having a fear of running in front of cars, obviously it is healthy to fear what could happen if you ran out in front of a car. Placing your hand on a hot stove or sticking a finger in a light socket are other examples of healthy fear.
The other type of fear is the unhealthy type of fear, the fear of losing something you have or not getting something you want.
This is the kind of fear that causes you to feel stressed and anxious.
Here are 6 tips you can practice to improve your ability to live life on life's terms.
1. Remember That You Are Not Your Mind - when you practice remembering that who you really are is soul, and that your mind is supposed to be your servant, you will begin gaining control of your mind. Your mind should be the servant to your soul. I know this may seem a little strange at first, but if you will just remind your mind to be your servant, you will actually begin to feel the difference.
2. Nothing Is Worth Your Peace Of Mind - Repeat this as often as you feel yourself getting stressed and tense.
Teaching your mind that nothing is more important to you than your peace of mind, your mind will begin to quiet and your life will become less stressful.
3. This Too Will Pass - nothing lasts forever, the good times and the bad both pass, as you continue your new journey to peace and tranquility, you will discover that much of what had you stressed out over, works out on its own and that if you have a mind that was calm you are able to make a better choice.
4. Practice Living in the Now!! - When you are fearing the future or regretting the past, you are peeing on the present. I believe the present is called the present because it is the gift from God. When you live in the present you are more open to seeing, hearing and feeling the miracles that occur around you every day.
5. Practice Does not Make Perfect- What practice actually creates is permanent. You can practice a bad golf swing a million times but it will still be a bad golf swing. Therefore it requires practicing the right swing over and over to make it a permanent part of your life.
6. If You Keep On Doing What Your Doing, You Will Keep On Getting What Your Getting- In order to change the way you experience life you have to pay more attention to the way in which you deal with life. Do you respond or react when something goes wrong in your life. Are you a problem solver or a problem creator. Are you a victim of life or a participant.
While looking deep inside ourselves may not always be easy, the result will enrich your life in ways you beyond your imagination.
Disclaimer- If you are currently on medication, please do not go off your medication without the direction of your doctor. Medications can play an important role in your journey to self discovery while you practice a new way of thinking!
Dan McBee has been in the self improvement movement for over 30 years. Visit his website to learn more.

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