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Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to Feel Unique and Not "Wrong"

By Rosie Jone
I often hear of how people who are different are made to feel wrong about themselves. You may feel like you are the wrong size, the wrong colour, the wrong height and so on. The truth is there really is no right and wrong. In western society 'they' put forward their idea of what is acceptable, But why should you conform to it? And who are 'they' anyway? In another society anywhere else in the world the total opposite could apply. In the west it is considered beautiful if you are super thin and usually white or at least 'exotic' looking as a woman. In other societies women are preferred to be rather more rotund, there is even a tribe that purposely fattens up their women (rather unhealthily) to make her attractive for marriage.
In order to feel good about yourself you have to wave goodbye to the herd. You have to get used to the concept that ideas are there to be challenged and pushed and pulled into different shapes. You can make those shapes for yourself and you don't have to try and squeeze into a ready made one that does not suit you.
Make your difference a positive. Many of the most successful people in the world found themselves at a disadvantage with their 'differences' and instead of hiding they turned it into a positive. Take Michael Jackson. He was made very self conscious about his differences since he was a child. His family made fun of his nose and when he became a teenager he had appallingly acneed skin which tore into his self consciousness. Most of us know that he resolved the nose issue with plastic surgery but when he was older he was hit with a skin problem called vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition that makes the skin lose melanin and turn milky white in a painfully slow process that can take up to a decade of disfigurement to fade to a state that can be described as 'normal looking.' Michael Jackson needed to perform but saw that his hands were changing colour and the tips of his fingers were blotchy and discoloured so he invented the white tape on his fingers which then became very iconic.
His equally iconic white glove came into use for much the same reason. Now today, fans all over the world mimic his taped fingers and wear a single sparkling glove without necessarily knowing the genesis of the idea. He turned a heavy negative into a positive.
Do you need help with your self confidence? The best help is usually to introduce into your life people who will fully support you and bring out only the best in you and suppress the learned rubbish like self doubt, low self esteem and lack of confidence.
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