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Friday, July 16, 2010

Why You Have Low Self Esteem

By Rosie Jones
You can have low self esteem for many reasons. But usually there is something of a deficit in certain areas of your life that need working on to regain a balance again.
Your low self esteem usually stems from childhood and the messages you have been given about yourself from your parents. If one or both of your parents abandoned you children often assume that they were the reason for this and take it to heart. This will affect the way you see yourself. If your parents kept putting you down in one way or another, again, as a child you have few resources to be able to understand with clarity that it is not necessarily anything to do with you and more about the person who is giving you a hard time.
As you get older if this misunderstanding is not addressed you are unconsciously helping to strengthen all the negative thoughts and ideas that have been told to you about who you are. So the sooner you can begin to reverse these damaging thoughts the better.
This can be done by addressing the need to get free of other people's issues that are being projected upon you. Getting help to distinguish between what your positives and negatives may be and understanding THEM as opposed to someone else's opinion of your failings will help you greatly.
Finding out who you really are and feeling secure about yourself. Finding a sense of self control and connection with your own identity.
Finding an outlet to release your thoughts and feelings through being creative is often a winner.
Finding meaning and purpose for what you do.
Do you need help with your self confidence? The best help is usually to introduce into your life people who will fully support you and bring out only the best in you and suppress the learned rubbish like self doubt, low self esteem and lack of confidence.
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