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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

3 Baddest Obstacles To Success



Everyone in the world wants to be successful, who doesn't want to be successful anyway? Being successful isn't that hard if we will stay committed and true to our ambitions. However in our long journey of pursuing our goals there will still be obstacles that will come on our way and these bad obstacles are the main reasons why our goals has become unreachable. I found out that these obstacles are not external, these obstacles are internal and it is also the results of the behavior of our thoughts and the way we react about a certain event. I have here the list of the three baddest obstacles that if you overcome will make you faster in achieving your goals.
1. Staying stagnant and not being able to evolve everyday - Successful people always stay committed to improving his talents and skills everyday so that this will become his significant advantage to his competitors. Unsuccessful people does not want to improve his knowledge that is why he is getting the same results over and over again. He is satisfied to his skills and he also believes that he already knew what he needed so learning something new is not a big deal to him.
2. Focusing on the things that doesn't need focus - This is a big mistake that is very hard to correct because temptations are everywhere. Every successful man in a particular area always preach that focus on the things you want and you will get it that is why if someone focus on partying then all he will get is headache after drinking a lot and staying awake very late. If we will only shift our focus to making steps for the realization of our dreams then one hundred percent guaranteed that we will become successful.
3. Letting fear paralyzes his movements - Fear is very powerful and it get its power to the one who is nurturing his fear. Once we let our fear take control of our lives then no movement will be done, the most dangerous thing about fear is if we did not take actions to defeat it, it will grow stronger and stronger everyday and make us look like stupid and useless. Fear can be defeated and the most effective way to get rid of it is face it everyday and become use to the thing that we fear the most. It is very hard but once we mastered facing our fears we will just consider it as a challenge and we are having fun of doing it.
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