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Sunday, December 18, 2011

How to Bring the Power of Positive Thinking Into Any Situation



Chances are you are already be aware of the universal law of cause and effect - which means, the quality of your ideas and actions are the direct cause of your daily reality. With that awareness, you can be sure that the power of positive thinking will go a long way towards keeping your reality in decent form.
Your thoughts are the catalyst for the actions you eventually decide to take.
Most people don't give much attention to what they are occupied with at any given time. When you stop to check in with your thoughts, you'll probably discover that there's quite a lot of time spent day dreaming, reenacting the past, or worrying about the future. You can be sure that these ideas are directly affecting the results of your day to day reality in some way because they affect the choices you make.
This isn't to say that we don't all have positive thoughts as well. For example, coming up with ideas to perform an assignment more efficiently or taking the time to help someone else. These are typically part of our every day experience as well and our reality will benefit from these well-intentioned actions.
Universal law plus the power of positive thinking is unstoppable!
The power of positive thinking along with the awareness of the law of cause and effect make a potent method for attaining a satisfying life of your own choosing.
If you could hone the power to link personal events that happen to actions you took previously, you would ultimately be capable to decide ahead of time which actions would end in a wanted outcome. Think about what that would be like!
This is a very lofty objective and one that you're not likely to accomplish anytime soon, but you can acquire some degree of this discipline with practice. You can begin right now simply by becoming conscious of your thinking and what sort of thinking they're made up of.
Here is a common situation that we all go through:
Waiting in line: In any busy store, if I had to stand in line for any length of time I used to become irritated to the point of anger. This kind of thinking affected my whole perception so that everything about my environment grew to become exasperating and difficult - kids being loud, the slow pace of the checker, the rudeness of the other folks in line and so on.
Today I try to catch myself before getting stuck into that impatient frame of mind and bring up the power of positive thinking to switch gears by viewing my environment in a more friendly light. Just by applying this procedure to common situations like standing in line you actually can make a huge difference in how your reality unfolds. Your positive feelings and awareness will naturally attract improved experiences.
How about a jump start on bettering your life? The Lemurian Fellowship is a religious organization that offers unique training in applying universal laws in conjunction with positive thinking to realize a more balanced and enjoyable reality.
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