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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to Start Balancing Your Life Instantly

Stress can be caused if your life is ‘off balance.' When life is busy and keeping track of time is difficult, it is easy to find yourself not being able to focus on elements of your life which are important to you. Taking a bird's eye view, your time and life becomes a parasol spinning, making you unable to focus your energy on the roles you play in life. The template I am about to show you will help you balance you life by considering each area in your life and giving you a visual representation of the way your life is at the moment. It will highlight to you the area which you have less influence in and the area you have more control and involvement in.

The template is very easy to use and can be used for a diverse of issues and self improvement areas. The template as shown below consists of a circle divided into 8 sections; this can be increased and decreased depending on how many areas your life focuses on. Each section is contains numbers, 1 starting from the centre moving outwards to the edge up to 10.

1. Begin with writing down a list of key areas of life that are important to you such as family, friends, careers, education, finances, fitness, health etc, and then within each key area write down what vital roles you play, e.g. mother/father, husband/wife, sister/brother, friend, employee, colleague, manager etc.
2. Each area along with the roles place around the edges of the ‘circle of life.'
3. Consider each section in turn and rank then 1 (low) - 10 (high) in relation to how much time and attention you devote to that area or role.
4. Join up the numbers around the circle.
5. Highlight the areas which you either spend too much or too little time and attention on. Just an additional point, having a balanced life does not mean the same number value for each role and key area as the focus and attention for some may vary. You need to highlight whether you are under or overcompensating in an area.
6. On a separate ‘circle of life' write down the same sections again however plot your ideal scores. This will be your aim, your action plan.
7. The last thing to do once the areas have been identified is plan for actions that can be done to balance your life.

In areas which take up too much of your time and attention, what can you cut down on? Is there anything unnecessary that you are involved in? Is there a simpler activity that can be done to make life easier?
Cutting down and finding new easier and less time consuming activities within these areas will mean that you will get chance to have more involvement and participation in the areas that have been neglected.

Completing this activity is not half the battle because unfortunately the hardest part is putting this plan into action.

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