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Friday, December 30, 2011

How To Be Successful In Life - Little Hinges Swing Big Doors!



How to be successful in life is a common question many people ask through out their lives.
If you are someone who is trying to find the key to being successful. Then read this entire article a couple of times and be sure and take notes. Then start applying the tips and strategies and you can start to see some amazing results for yourself.
You would be surprised to know that getting the results you want can start to happen by making little adjustments every day in what you are doing now. Because the right little adjustments add up to the positive change and results that you are looking for in life.
Little hinges swing big doors.
For Example:
If after I was hit by a drunk driver in 1995, I just continued those same old habits I had been doing prior to the accident. I would still be where I was back then in my life and getting the same results I was getting back then. Which is not the kind of results I wanted in my life.
I wanted to have a better job, better relationships with the people in my life, and freedom to do the things I love to do. Does any of this sound familiar to you?
Well after the accident I was suffering from severe whiplash. Because of my injuries I lost my job. I was a single parent taking care of my 5 year-old-son. After several months of being in constant on going pain and totally broke. We almost lost everything we owned.
I thought to myself in the prime of my life this is not where I wanted to be. I was so mad at myself because I never went after my dreams. I wanted to record the songs I wrote and become a country recording artist.
I could have stayed in that state and become a victim but I was determined that my life was not going to continue like this. It was then I decided to make a positive difference.
It was only when I started learning to make positive changes in my life by reading books and listening to CDs, watching DVDs or attending seminars on the success habits of successful people. Then I started to apply those success habit in my life. That is when I started to see positive results and my life started to change for the good.
I must say that earlier in my life I was never taught success habits. Even when I became aware of them I never thought I had the time to learn these important life changing strategies.
I found that most people were in the same boat with this same mindset. Because after all we are busy from the time we get up in the morning till the time we go to bed right? Does this all sound familiar to you?
I was determined to make a positive change in my life even if it was just a small change. Because I was not going to continue living my life this way.
The small change that I made for myself was every day I would take time to start reading positive learning material at least one half hour when I woke up in the morning and also read for one half hour before I would go to bed at night.
Also I would use my driving time running around doing errands as my time to learn by listening to CDs.
Before I knew it I had read an entire book or listened to an entire CD series on personal self-development and I was learning about believing in myself, how to set goals, positive attitude, networking etc...
Then I started applying what I learned into my life and keeping specific philosophies that were working to bring me success in my life.
It helped me to reach my goal with my music. It showed me what can happen when you believe in yourself and follow your dreams. Now my life has changed for the better all from making some positive changes to my life.
These philosophies that I learned are not hard to learn or follow. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand them or apply them. The important thing is these small things add up to big results!
By learning success habits you change your mindset to one that is positive and helps to get you results.
All I know is my life is so much better because I took the time to invest in myself and learn simple time-tested success habits and how to apply them in your every day life.
It is doing the little things on a daily basis that make a big difference in your life. Remember that little hinges swing big doors.
It is learning success habits and then start applying them in your every day life that will help you get the right results. Then little by little you can start to make a big difference to improve your life financially, have better relationships, improve your health or gain the freedom to do the things you love.
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