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Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 Funny Fears and Phobias



If you stop any person in the street and ask them what they are afraid of, you are going to be hard pressed to find anyone that says nothing. The most common answers that you hear will be things like heights, spiders, closed spaces, and flying, as well as several others that you will probably find them all too familiar. What you are unlikely to hear is people speaking in hushed tones about their incredible aversion to celery or wearing fuzzy slippers, but that doesn't mean that those types of phobias do not exist. The truth is that they are far more common than you might imagine, so let's take a look at a few of the most strange and funny fears.

Leprophobia - modern medicine has helped fight against a large number of diseases over the years, but that doesn't seem to stop some people from fearing they might make a comeback. Leprophobia is the fear of leprosy and it's so strong in some people that they are even afraid to attend a hockey game because they heard all about the face-offs.

Ithyphallophobia - this may seem a little hard to believe, but there are some people that are deadly afraid of erections. Even if the erection shows up on a stand-up guy that they have known for years, the very sight of that swollen appendage is enough to have them scampering off in search of a stiff drink.

Nomophobia - it's more than a little frustrating to leave your house without your cell phone, but it isn't usually enough to make you loose control. The same can't be said for nomophobia sufferers who fall into a state of panic if they end up anywhere out of mobile phone range.

Helminthophobia - we all end up in the ground at some point where bugs and worms will eat away at our rotting corpse. This is definitely an unpleasant thought, but not really one that crosses people's minds very often. This is not the case for those who suffer from helminthophobia, as being infested by worms is something that goes through their mind every minute of the day. I guess that rules out fishing as a hobby for those poor folks.

Gymnophobia - most fears and phobias are things that we can avoid with a little bit of effort. Gymnophobia, or the fear of being naked, is one that is especially irrational, unless of course you work as a stripper or a tour guide at a nudist's colony. The only person that need ever see you naked is yourself and even then you can easily snap on a blindfold to protect your modesty.
The list goes on and on, but it's probably best to stop now as there may very well be some folks out there who are deadly afraid of lists. For those of you who have made it to this point without breaking out in hives, I thank you, and you may even want to consider researching some phobias that are even stranger than the ones listed above.
by Morgan K. Taylor
The author has a keen interest in productivity, personal development and life fulfillment. In 2011, he created REALITYPLEX in an effort to provide an online space where people can obtain useful information, connect with others and find solutions to their personal daily concerns and worries. What's in your head? Learn and share @
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