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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Get Motivated Daily: Top 5 Ways to Get Motivated Daily


All right folks. This concept is simple, easy to grab hold of, and a must for any would be online entrepreneur trying to make money online.
Make it part of your daily routine to GET MOTIVATED DAILY. Sorry, I had to yell. It's that important.

A lot of us get into Internet Marketing, because we think we've found the perfect niche to match our interest. We watched a few videos and read a few articles that got us pumped up, just to fizzle out no more than a week later. It happens when that initial adrenaline wears off. It's natural. It happens to all of us. You shouldn't get discouraged. It's all part of the process and it's what is going to set you apart from the rest of the pack. It's whats going to put you in a league with the big boys sooner than you know it.

So along these lines... I guess I've presented the problem, now let me solve it for you. Follows is my top 5 ways to stay motivated:
Top 5 ways to get motivated:
#5 Music

Everyone has those songs that pump them up. You probably have them on your iPod for any time you work out or go for a run. The songs are usually up beat, tell an awesome story, and get your blood flowing no matter what horribly mundane task you're working on. Everyone is different when it comes to music in this category. For me, I am easy to please. I stick to music that has a lot of bass. Typically upbeat lyrics, drum beats, electronic kinda techno-ish. My favorite Pandora station for staying motivated is 'David Guetta'. I rarely have to skip a song, as most help me drone into tasks while keeping a good beat in my head phones.
Spotify might be a good way to see what your friends use to stay motivated. Spotify allows you to share playlists. I look around at my friend's playlist all the time and gather songs that I probably should of heard a long time ago.

#4 Work out
Most people have issues getting motivated to work out. I don't expect you to be any different. But, I do want you to come at it from a different angle. Use working out as a way to get motivated to be productive.

We all know the feeling working out can give us. For me, its a sense of accomplishment, a sense of damn I just did that. It changes my attitude and outlook for the rest of the day. My work out is really simple.

I run for about a mile and a half, stop at my turn around point, do push ups, jumping jacks, flutter kicks, sit ups, lunges, all in rotation until I'm too tired to do any more. Then I run back. While running back I try and go faster than the pace I used to get there.
I make running my main work out for a few reasons. First, it helps me clear my mind, focus on what I'm doing... trying not to stop running. When my mind is cleared like that, It opens my mind to new thinking or refreshed thinking on the topic that matters most to me at that moment. If I get writers or designer block... I go running.

The rush of testosterone and adrenaline to the body is also a great benefit. Helps me feel like a million bucks and makes me very motivated for whatever task I have set in front of me afterwards.

#3 Have a rich mindset
The rich don't run around feeling sorry for themselves. They got rich by doing a lot of things right. And I'm willing to bet the one thing they didn't do was waste time and pass up on opportunities to get serious work done. You cannot fear success. Take your determination and drive and push yourself towards your goal. See small victories and capitalize on them. Own those moments and use them to push you forward.

#2 Stop Procrastination
GET UP AND MAKE IT HAPPEN. Procrastination helps no one, especially yourself. Delay breaks, delay your bull crap excuse to not do the work you have set out in front of yourself. Being an online entrepreneur, an online business manager, whatever you want to call it, comes with a ZERO tolerance for procrastination. Procrastination sucks, and everyone who does, is in the same boat. Don't be a nobody. Be a somebody, and that starts by telling Procrastination to go home. This is a place for work.

#1 Keep yourself goal oriented
Whats your goal?
Great! How do you get there? You make smaller goals to reach your big goal. If you haven't done this already... START!
Go grab a pen and a piece of paper right now. Write this stuff down.
I'm Waiting...
Great! Now, everyday make it your personal goal to check stuff off this list. AND DO IT.
Reaching and obtaining small goals is one of the most gratifying things you can do as your own boss. I personally bought myself a whiteboard that I put right next to my monitors. Any time I lose focus, I look at the list of things I need to do to reach my overall goal. And I do one of them. This is an ever evolving list. It grows everyday. I keep the old small goals I've already reach up on the board with a check mark, just so I can how awesome I am. I did that stuff, and I have a lot more to do. But, when I break it down into small goals, It seems crazy awesome that by doing this small thing, I'm going to eventually check that big box in the corner. My ultimate goal.
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