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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tips to accepting who you are!

Author: Muriel Ilunga 


Don't like what you see in the mirror? Not satisfied with your structure, hair and teeth? It is not a strange and abnormal feeling but the problem is how to deal with such negative feelings about yourself that break you down.

Try following these simple steps:

  1. Tell yourself you are unique in every way; love yourself for you are more especially from within yourself. Unless you love and care for yourself, no one will do it for you.

  2. Look at what you are good at. Not good enough? Nope, remember you are unique and you must be definitely good at something no matter how small. If you do it whole heartedly, then it comes out big.

  3. Do not mirror yourself to others. Yes, everything they touch works out well. You think so? We are not always satisfied with what we do we want more. But learn to appreciate your own effort and stop comparing yourself to people you think are perfect, they are humans they also make mistakes!

  4. Finish your tasks in time. Have a "to do list" today evening for tomorrow or early in the morning and allow flexibility as long as you prioritize the most important tasks.

  5. When did you have time for yourself? Sitting down, relaxing, appreciating you are and not expecting to be 100% at everything. Count every 1% you do, every effort counts and slowly strive for more.

  6. Develop the "I can do it syndrome"! Say "I will…." And not "I can or should", use the active verbs.

  7. Don't only and always expect to be treated well. Make other people around you happy not by always cracking jokes but also by behaving in a way that does not irritate them.If it does not matter to others it is not you but their personal problems

  •       Above you are capable of changing yourself for the better, smile lighten up in whatever situation you are facing. Remember it is not always about you when things go wrong.

  • Care for your health by having a proper diet with vegetables and fruits, exercising, drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, having enough rest up to 8hrs, and avoid watching TV for more than 3hrs.

Do the following every day:

  • Use positive active words to describe yourself

  • Do good even if it does not matter to others

  • Always smile to yourself and others (avoid being overly serious)

  • Be clean: your room, house, clothes, shoes, hair, teeth, nails, eyebrows if you can….

  • Eat for your skin and overall health

  • Visit a counselor not only in a difficult situation.
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About the Author

Muriel Ilunga is persuing her Diploma in Liberal Studies and has a certificate in Community Health.she is eager to help people through her articles.

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