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Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Be Wise and Achieve Your Goals


The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is an excellent doctor and teacher. After mastering the dream language you will have a direct communication with the wise unconscious mind and learn how to achieve a goal thanks to the unconscious guidance.
Instead of acting based on your suppositions (besides the knowledge you may have) you will act based on wisdom, without making any mistake. You only have to get used with the dream logic and learn the meaning of the most important dream symbols to start understanding the real meaning of dreams, which was discovered by Carl Jung.

The initial process of adaptation is tiring because the dream language is not a simple language. In the beginning it looks like Chinese. However, you will get used with this language (like so many other people did) and then, you will have the chance to follow a perfect plan to achieve a goal that may seem to be impossible to be achieved today.

I simplified the dream language and now this first step is not as difficult as it used to be when it was based only on Carl Jung's discoveries. However, this first step is tiring because in the beginning you have to study the dream language and translate many dreams into practice; not only your own dreams, but many other people's dreams. Only then will you really master the dream language.
In the beginning you have to study the dream language the same way you have to study any other language made only by words (like English or French), but once you have this knowledge you will use it for life. If you speak a second language you know how hard it is to be able to really speak a foreign language. On the other hand, you know that two different languages are not so different and this is not a problem. You only have to learn each language's rules.

I speak Greek and Portuguese since I was a child because my parents are Greek but I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The fact that I knew two languages always was an advantage in my life. This fact also helped me learn the English language, and it basically helped me learn the meaning of the complicated dream language. The Greek language is quite complicated and it is an ancient language, which has changed with time.
The dream language may look like Greek or Chinese for you in the beginning, but its meaning is specific and always the same. You only have to learn its rules. I simplified everything for you.
All dreams contain precious messages that you must learn. The dream messages will help you attain any goal you may set.

Let's suppose that your goal is to find happiness in life, a very common goal. This is a difficult goal, even though it doesn't seem to be so difficult when you are young.
You will verify how ignorant you are, and discover many truths you ignore. The unconscious mind will show you in your dreams everything you have to pay attention to in order to find happiness in life. You will make a list, and then follow all the necessary steps to achieve your main goal.
You will learn how to find sound mental health, peace, and happiness. You will be able to achieve all goals and even save the world with your brilliant work.

You will follow the perfect plan of the divine unconscious mind for the purification of your spirit and the transformation of your personality. Then, you will follow the perfect plan of the unconscious mind for the specific matter of your interest. First of all you have to pass through a process of psychotherapy and become a mentally healthy and self-confident person.
After you psychotherapy, you will be able to care about other matters, which are very important for you, but not as important as your mental health. The unconscious mind always cures your psyche because this is the most important matter of your life.

You have to be a balanced person. You must be able to always control your behavior and always act with wisdom, even in the difficult situations when you are tempted to explode and show anger. You will learn how to always be calm, and never make the mistakes made by those who temporarily lose the control of their behavior because their anti-conscience takes the place of their ego.

The anti-conscience is our primitive conscience, which is very dangerous because it has satanic characteristics. It generates mental illnesses within our human conscience. The unconscious mind shows you in your dreams how to completely eliminate your anti-conscience through consciousness.
This way, you will never have the behavior of a wild animal, and you will never be contaminated by the poison of hatred. You will always show compassion and understanding to all human beings, independently of their actions. Your behavior will always be wise, without depending on other people's behavior.

You will verify the value of the unconscious psychotherapy when you will be a superior person. Then, you will have the chance to care about how to create something, how to make good friends, how to be the first one to do what is impossible to be done in a certain area, and so on. The unconscious mind helps you achieve each goal by helping you organize your actions.
Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.
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