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Friday, February 8, 2013

Brainwashing Exposed


Brainwashing technique

There are ways of brainwashing you that are covert, repetitious and very effective. You probably are receiving brainwashing without your knowledge right now. These techniques are the reason you are overweight, smoke, have pain, cannot sleep, along with most of your short-comings.
You have been receiving messages your entire life that have caused you to doubt your own thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. This happens all the time and it has become a basic process of human communication. These patterns of communication most often are used to the benefit of another party. However, recognizing these techniques in action you can stop them before they harm you further.
Most of these techniques are so effective that the recipient willingly reevaluates what they perceive. However, these techniques can also be very forceful symbolically demanding the recipient changes their perception.

Questioning Brainwashing

One of these covert brainwashing techniques occurs within the format of questioning. Repeated questioning organized in a precarious pattern will cause the subject to analyze things about which they were not even thinking. As this process proceeds the subject unknowingly follows through until there is a state of confusion regarding the original thought or experience. A new memory, thought or altered way of thinking could be the end result.
Here is what happens when a skilled individual questions you. Each time a questioned is posed you may respond with subtle variations of a story or memory. This skilled practitioner, advertiser, authority figure can cause you to eventually doubt your own thinking. The longer this process, the more it is repeated, the less you recognize the pattern, the more effective the outcome. Before you know it you do not know what you think or have experienced and the more you agree with the message, advertisement or authority figures representation of the information. You have just been brainwashed!

Pay Attention and Recognize the Brainwashing

If you pay attention to the news, to advertisers, to authority figures, you will start to notice this form of brainwashing. Some individuals are so skilled at these techniques that they use it as a standard form of communication.
If you are an innocent, you will become a victim. It is vitally important to be on guard for these techniques. You need to know that you are under constant assault. If you do not it won't be long before you no longer have original thought. You will no longer have discerning thought processes. You will no longer be in charge of your life. You will think, you will do, you will purchase, you will follow and you will be one of the many whom have been brainwashed. And you will not even realize it!

You need to question everything. If you are overweight, if you can't stop smoking, if you are riddled in pain, if you lay awake at night with insomnia, your brain racing, preventing you from sleeping, if you have any condition in which someone else can benefit, that condition was created, and only you can reverse it.

Dr. Schneider is a Holistic Physician, specializing in alternative therapies. He investigates the deep hidden causes of health problems. Imagine having the ability to change who you are. Follow his advice and one day you will reflect back on this point in time and be amazed at what you have learned. You will be grateful that you have control of your life again.
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