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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Are You Making Excuses or Making Progress?


How would the world be if there weren't any murders or disease? Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if there wasn't any drug abuse, alcoholism and infidelity? What if the world was free of liars, politicians, and procrastination? Do you think the world would be a much better place?
Well, we all know the world is full of events that are considered unfortunate. Accidents happen. People are killed and murdered. People do abuse drugs and alcohol. Relationships suffer from infidelity, lack of communication and politicians lie.
People think the use of a gun will end there problems. Others think drinking in excess will solve their problems. Some think a needle will solve their problems. Many think plastic surgery will solve their problems. Some believe war will solve their problems. While others think hatred, spite, and vindication will solve their problems.
These actions and words do not solve problems. Love solves problems. Forgiveness solves problems. Being grateful solves problems. Sharing solves problems. Looking for the good or solutions, in every situation, solves problems. Encouragement solves problems. Giving solves problems.
It's OK, even important to identify your problems. What's an even better use of your time is giving your power, attention and focus to solutions. Spend more time and effort resolving issues instead of complaining about them. We've all heard the saying, "complaining never changed anything." Well maybe your blood pressure or relationship status.
Decide what you want and find someone who has proven they are successful at doing what you want to do and ask them for help. Find a mentor or coach and ask for assistance. Take responsibility for your life and spend most of your time improving and making progress instead of making excuses.
Become a part of a mastermind group. Surround yourself with other well to do individuals that can assist you in getting to the next level in your life. Then do the same for others. The best item you have to offer someone is your knowledge, time, kindness and love. You may have heard, "it's better to give then receive." But how can you give something you don't have.
Fill yourself up with love, caring, increase and abundance until it overflows. At that point, you have something to offer that everyone can benefit from. Decide what you are passionate about doing and share that idea with the world. The world needs your contribution.
Keith is a Personal Development & Online Marketing Coach. He empowers and inspires people to discover their passions, fulfill their dreams, and achieve their life's purpose. To learn more, please visit:
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