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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Being Motivated Everyday


Regardless of what you do for a living staying motivated will always make the journey toward success more fun. It is almost impossible to achieve any worthwhile goal without staying motivated. Although, you may have precisely written goals and your plan of action is perfectly etched in stone, motivation will give you the energy to keep moving toward the finish line when you hit the rough spots on your success journey. In addition to staying energized, motivation increases your ability to stay focus and creative. Staying motivated is an essential element in goal achievement, but it is not always easy to keep the fires of excitement ignited, especially when things do not go as planned. The tips listed below will help you stay the course:
1. Always Use Positive Language - When a problem arises and you feel motivation dwindling, swearing, calling yourself or others negative names, or downing your project will only lessen the motivation you were feeling and attack your confidence. Recognize all problems as an opportunity to learn a better or different way of handling things. If you do slip up and blurt out something negative, immediately replace any negative phrases you used with positive ones.
2. Read Positive Phrases - Start and end each day by reading something positive. You might try reading a favorite verse from the Bible or go to the bookstore in your area and find a book of "positive quotes". Another great place to look is the internet. Simply Google "positive quotes" and you will find lots of options. is a website that has self-help articles, positive and inspirational quotes, and inspiring video clips. There is no shortage of positive information, so keep it light and keep it positive, you will be glad you did.
3. Visualize Positive Results - No matter what your reality looks like, imagine that you have already achieved your goals and are enjoying the fruits of your labor. See yourself living a life that is perfect for you. Also, see yourself as a person of power and imagine that you have solved every challenge you encounter in any project. When you imagine a victory in every challenge, you will always have something to look forward to and to remind you why it is worth it to continue until you achieve your dream. When visualizing, be sure to think big.
4. Do Something to help someone else - Nothing can motivate you better than the joy you feel after you have done something to help someone who really needs you. A part of our reason for being is so we can help each other or give of ourselves when it is most needed. If helping someone else involves taking a brief break from your goals, do it. You may need that time to gain a different and refreshing perspective. Constantly taking, pulling or expecting others to give to you, can be a real downer when things do not go the way you expected and that kind of one track energy will not empower you to reach for your best. Take the time out to give of yourself and much more than you expected will find its way to you, automatically. You may find that burst of energy that you need to complete your project.
5. Dress Up - Sounds strange? Think back to when you were a kid. Remember, how good you felt when you wore a new pair of shoes, a new dress, or new slacks to school? Well, nothing has changed. No matter how old you are putting on your favorite outfit or purchasing something new (Don't go overboard,) will make you feel better about yourself. When you feel good about you, no matter how many challenges you are facing, you feel motivated to handle whatever life is bringing your way. Of course, simply putting on a new outfit may not erase the feeling that you have challenges to handle, but when you put on a new outfit somehow, it makes you feel more progressive. Creating a feeling that you are making progress is one of the keys to nurturing the desire to move forward and successfully finish whatever you have started.
6. Spend Time Around Positive People - When your motivation feels like it is dying down, one of the best ways to re-energize is to call your mentor. If you do not have one, take the time to find one. If you are open to receiving wisdom from others, finding a mentor will be easy. There is a saying, "When the student is ready the teacher will appear". If you truly need the kind of wisdom that can jumpstart you and put you back on track, then a mentor is available to you. However, until you find the right mentor, seek out other people who have a positive attitude. It is okay to borrow a little positive energy from others. This is one of those times when 'strength in numbers' could work for you. We all need a little re-charging every now and then.
7. Go Out and Have Fun - We spend so much time being grown-up and serious, until we forget to release the child within. We forget to have fun. Focusing on challenges can be a de-motivator and it can actually stifle your problem solving and creative abilities. When that happens it can be difficult to find the answers needed to get back on track. Taking a day to do nothing, but have fun will make you feel better and you will be surprised at how many solutions and new ideas come to mind. It is so important to lighten up and laugh as much as you can, because when all else fails, nothing charges your motivation battery like laughing and having fun!
Keep these ideas in mind as you work to achieve your goals and they will certainly make success come easier.
Pat Council is a success consultant, radio show host, speaker and writer who specializes in help others recognize their potential. Listen to her show. "Designing Your Life Today" daily. For information visit:
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