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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Are you looking for some tips to control your Emotions? If the answer is yes the you reading the right article. In this article I have compiled some tips which will certainly help you to lead a better life. If you really want to stop your emotions controlling you then first of all you need to recognize the situations when your emotions start playing. You can master your emotions not by ignoring them but facing them.
1. Analyze Yourself
Try to analyze different situations which trigger emotional outbursts in your everyday life. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish among the emotions because they come out in a mixture.
It`s not a good idea to repress or ignore your emotions. The best time to recognize an emotion is when it starts manifesting itself.
2. Take Responsibility of your Emotional Outbursts
Never blame people and situations for your emotional outbursts. Taking full responsibility of your actions will teach you to tackle your emotions in a better way.
3. Think Positively
Analyze your thinking pattern and try to recognize the key thoughts which trigger negative emotions. Thoughts are the root cause of our emotions. Replacing your negative thoughts with positive counterparts will definitely give you good control over your emotions.
4. Practice Relaxation Techniques
There are several Relaxation techniques which can help you to control your emotions. Breathing slowly and concentrating on your breathing pattern always helps to calm down and gives some time to think. You can also try some meditation techniques. Meditation can help you a lot in the process of self awareness.
5. Cultivate the Habit of Patience
Nothing can help an impatient person to control his emotional outbursts. On the other hand a patient person has enough time recognize his emotions and act accordingly.
6. Analyze The Consequences
Always remember that an emotional outburst can be harmful for you. It can even hurt your friends and family members. Try to analyze all the after effects which you usually face whenever you let your emotions control you. Analyzing all these consequences will certainly help you to take all the required steps.
Emotions are part of Human personality and there is no way they can be suppressed. But there are specific situations in life when it is not advised to act according to your emotions.
There are many more steps which should be taken to control your emotions in a better way but above mentioned tips and techniques will definitely give you some boost in cultivating the habit of self control.
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