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Monday, January 28, 2013

How Memory Is Stored and Retrieved in the Brain


People who learn and understand how memory is stored and retrieved by their brains may become more interested in keeping their brains more active until they grow old. The memory function of the brain comes from all of the pieces of information that are sent by the various senses. These are processed, organized and stored in various places within the brain. In order for the brain to get the information back later, these bits of information are put together in order to come up with what is needed at the moment. However, in some cases, recalling the details may just be impossible as neural connections may be weak or damaged.
The brain is able to keep the memory through repetition. When the same set of information or experienced over and over, the brain easily processes and stores it in the brain circuits. When the neural pathways are strengthened, the information becomes long lasting memories. The ability of the brain to retrieve the information is affected by the lifestyles of people. Those who get sufficient sleep for example may have better memory recall. Scientists and experts agree that it is during the sleeping time where all of the pieces of information that are gathered at daytime are consolidated, organized and stored. However, modern lifestyles prevent people from getting the right amount of sleep and this may affect their memory recall abilities.
There are important points that people need to know if they would like to enhance their memory. They have to pay attention to the information that they need to recall. Keeping focused on the task at hand will help the brain to store the information correctly and retrieve it later without any problem. Those who have some emotional problems may have a more difficult time remembering the details. It is advisable for people to help themselves keep a more positive outlook in life in order for their memory to be able to quickly reconstruct the information that they need.
People who know more about how their brains work and how their memory functions will have more motivation to help themselves to stay physically and mentally healthy through appropriate lifestyles. People tend to lose their memory capacity as they grow older but through proper diet, regular exercises and enough rest, they may be able to prevent it. Doing mental exercises will also help in maintaining a sharp memory according to some studies made. Growing old is inevitable but losing memory altogether may be prevented.
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