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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to Eliminate Stress by Increasing Productivity


Self improvement is hard work, at least in the beginning, and may not be everybody's cup of tea. All improvements to your physical and emotional self lead to helping you increase your productivity. Take exercise and diet for example. It's really tough to get started but after just a few days you begin to feel better, lose weight or at least inches and associate that feeling of well being and accomplishment to your new lifestyle changes.
We are never finished with the job of improving ourselves. Everything is moving and changing at all times. Your body changes and renews itself on a minute to minute basis and we are not physically the same one day as we are the next.
The same goes for learning and improving ourselves mentally. Did you know that the number one cause of stress for most people is? Unfinished projects! Being able to boost Normal productivity levels to Dynamic Productivity levels will help you eliminate that nasty health busting stress that nags at you when you have unfinished business.
Take a moment to look at yourself and review your thoughts for today. How many of them can be related in some way to an unfinished task or project?
For example:
• "Oh, I was supposed to have this done by 11 and it's already 3."
• "Thanksgiving is in three days. I have twenty people coming for a sit down dinner and I haven't even started cleaning the house or planning the dinner."
• "Oh man, there's volume 7 of "Learn to Speak Conversational German in 7 Weeks" and I haven't even opened the first one!"
• "I need to create a budget."
• "I forgot to pay the bills last week"
I could go on but, you get the picture.
Assuming that unfinished tasks are the number one source of stress it would make sense to spend some time assessing your personal list of the unfinished business.
• Make a list of everything you have left undone.
• Prioritize that list with the biggest, most important in first place and work back from there.
• Write the most important task on a new sheet of paper and don't look at any of the rest of them until the first one is finished.
• Download the free tool, Focus Booster. (Google it and you will find a link for a free download.) Focus Booster is a little timer that sits on your desk top and uses a few tricks to keep you focused. Start the timer and don't work on anything else, get something to eat, go to the bathroom or answer the phone until the timer goes off. Focus only on the task at hand.
• When this task is complete, move on to #2 on your list.
You'll be amazed at how relieved, successful and self confident this can make you feel.
If you can just get it together to complete that first project on your list it's very possible that you will become addicted to the "good feeling" of self worth and personal productivity that completion of a project or task can give you.
Two years ago, I wrote a cookbook of recipes from the popular Mexican restaurant that I owned for 26 years. Finally, after two years of procrastination the book is finally on line and for sale! I used the list and timer technique to break out of the procrastination mind set and now I'm on a roll! You can be two!! Your Increased Productivity starts today!
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