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Sunday, March 17, 2013

4 Easy Steps To Communication Excellenc


Covert and conversational hypnosis is closely related to NLP and "normal" hypnosis and is a communication excellence skill.

It is imperative that you set goals when thinking about your communication and to this end I have taken some goal setting principles which will help you in your influencing and persuasion skills.
I call my communication model C3PO.
C3PO stands for Communication = Prepare Practice Present = Outcome.

How will this help me achieve communication success?
Many of us have heard about how important it is to set goals to achieve what we want. We hear statistics saying that 95% of people in the USA do not set goals and they work for the 5% who do!
The SMART mnemonic was always the standard model for setting goals and is widely known;

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Achievable
R - Realistic
T - Timely

This is something some people choose to do when dividing what they want to achieve in their lives but they forget to do it when they enter a communication situation.

Communication (the first part of C3PO) simply introduces us to what communication actually is and the NLP presupposition "The meaning of the communication is the response that you get" is spot on here. Own your communication so that if you do not get what you wanted or expected they try something else.
So for us to know if our communication has been successful we need to know what we wanted to achieve with that communication.

So let us go right to the end of C3PO and decide what our outcome should be. (The outcome being the O of C3PO).

Asking ourselves what we want from the encounter is vitally important. You could use the SMART mnemonic to help you decide what you want to achieve.

Then you need to follow the example of the great mentalists or mental magicians who use language and patter to achieve their great mind bending achievements. Listen to the likes of Banachek, Richard Osterlind and others to hear how they manipulate the audiences' perceptions using language.
How do you think fake psychics manage to tell you so much about yourself? They know what they want you to believe and think and they mould their communication to make that happen.

Believe me that they PREPARE themselves leaving nothing to chance. They PRACTICE until their patter becomes second nature to the point that it sounds natural and almost ad lib and then they PRESENT. If you miss out the preparation and the practice then the presenting becomes very difficult.

My father in law is a great decorator and he will spend a whole day preparing the room for the decorating. I came home once and asked him what he had been doing all day. "It is all in the preparation" was all he said before decorating the room beautifully the next day. He maintains that it only goes smoothly because of the prep.

So next time you have an important communication situation presenting itself to you then why not apply the C3PO model.
When it is time to C, Decide your O, and PPP!
More ideas on influence, motivation and communication can be found on Ian's website
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