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Monday, March 11, 2013

Are you a Winner or a Quitter?

 Author: MarieLouiseFalk


Winners never quit and quitters never win. We say so but we also mean winners do quit bad things at bad times. Quitters never quit bad things but stick to bad things. They quit good things in a bad timing. Ask the new recruited one if they are a winner or a quitter. They will know so they do not have to think about it.
How come some of us are quitters and winners? Is it by choice or were we born like that? Think of your own situation. It may be different in different times. Like when we were younger we might have been more of winners and the older we got the more quitters we became. How is it like that? If we are surrounded by negative people we tend to quit. That's why it is important to help the young ones today to choose the people they are surrounded with.

Look at the different approaches to quitters vs. winners. How does it appear?
Winners are more positive and seize the opportunity in everything. The quitters are more negative and see the problems in many ways. So how do we make them closer to each other? Is it obvious to change the negative person? Who decides what is right or wrong? It might be that the negative person is more objective to the issue and the positive one is so naïve. Make sure what is a good and bad in a situation and talk your way in to it. Keep in mind that we need different values of problems or hurdles. So the more we can be closer to each other the easier it will be. It is always more sides to it then just one. Let people in a discussion. Not just for letting them but for open up more for the solutions.

The more opportunities we rise, the more solutions we come up with the lesser time and space it will be for the negative solutions or quitters. Do like Mother Teresa did; do not fight the war be pro active for peace. Do not fight the negative but be pro active the positive. It sounds so easy you say and it is!
You just have to do it. The more people we are that think and act like this the less we have to focus on the hard stuff. Keep up the good work and be pro active the solutions. Turn off the TV because they tend to focus on more negative news. There is no value in good news unfortunately. Read only good news or good books that develop you. Watch movies that inspire you. Be prepared with a funny movie when you are down. It releases your endorphins and keeps you in good mood and a great health. Most of all share good stuff with the people you surround you with. It is a fact that the more you do and give the better the world will become. Be happy first then help others to be it. Together we are champions.

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MarieLouise is working as a personal trainer, life coach and author. She is also very skilled as a net worker with several years experience from different MLM companies.

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