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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

5 Tips To Deal With Negative People Around You


Have you ever been around negative people? If you have then you probably know that the experience can be quite exhausting. I have a friend who is negative most of the times. He can complain endlessly about his relatives, friends and coworkers. He is also very cynical about people around him, often doubting their purpose and intentions. Communicating with him is not always a good experience.

I often felt drained and exhausted after having a conversation with him. Most of the times we don`t talk for so long but I don`t have the energy to do anything after spending some time with him. It`s like a bad aftertaste after eating something bitter. It always took me some time to get rid of that bad effect. I am sure that you also deal with such people on a daily basis. In this article I have laid down some tips which can help you a lot to deal with pessimism around you. Let`s go through these tips and find the best approach to deal with negative people.

1. The most important advice I can give you is not to take part in the negativity of the people while having a conversation with them. The first time you start talking to a negative person, try to listen more and make minimum comments. You can offer help in between the conversation, whenever is needed. Let the person know that he is not alone. If a person keeps coming back to the same topic again and again then try to switch the topic. Try to do it often and you will see that the person will communicate in a better way after a couple of meetings.

2. It`s not a good idea to sit alone with a negative person. Sometimes you can`t handle so much of negativity at once. It`s better to have someone else around while you are conversing with a negative individual. In this way the negative energy will be divided among all the members of the group.
3. The comments made by a negative person should not be taken personally at all. Negative people can be quite critical most of the times. They can often pass critical comments which can be hurtful especially if they are directed at you. While observing the conversations of a negative person, you will notice that they have the same judgmental attitude towards everyone.

4. It is always good to help a person who is fighting with negativity and needs your help. But beware of the amount of time you are spending with them. Always remember that positivity as well as negativity is contagious. So it is your duty to find the optimistic friends. Positive people around you can have a great influence on every aspect of your life. It is a smart idea to set a limit and do not spend too much time with a negative person.

5. If you really want to help a person with a negative attitude then go ahead and find the area where they need your help. The most common reason for the negativity of a person is lack of warmth and love in their life. Most of the times negativity is the barrier that is created by an individual to protect himself from the world.

I would recommend you to go through these tips mentioned above and try to apply practically in your life. If nothing works in your situation and the person with whom you are dealing with is not someone very close to you then I would recommend you to maintain some distance and try to be around positive people.

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