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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Power Of Focus And How To Sustain And Achieve Your Goals

Author: mphojane

Many people give up persuing good ideas because of the lack of focus, and mistakingly regard this as lack of discipline. This is however a wrong conclusion. It is important to know and understand how the human brain processes ideas over four basic phases. This understanding will empower a person to sustain focus for the ultimate fullfilment of or attainment of a goal. This is a scientific understanding of focus and how to cultivate and sustain it.

The following are the four fundamental phases the brain processes for any new idea. They will help anyone who wishes to maintain focus and attain goals they have set themselves, be it losing weight, writing a book, starting a new business or any other endeavor that requires focus for success. They are the novelty phase, familiarity phase, expansion phase and commitment phase.
The novelty phase is when the brain is fired up and excited by a new idea. For example, the idea of writing a novel can be very exciting. However, this excitement will soon subside as time goes by and even if the interest is still there, the innitail excitement will have waned. This is where many people make a mistake by thinking that the idea was not a good one after all. This is how the brain resists new and unfamiliar stimuli. Understanding this will help you keep up the momentum to carry through the idea of writing that novel. Next is the familiarity phase when there is resistance to carry on the idea to its fruition. The subconscious mind of a human mind will resist any new ideas it is not familiar with. Perhaps that is why we talk of a comfort zone. Staying where we always feel comfortable.
However, in order to sustain focus, the subconscious mind will have to be fed new data that is unfamiliar by learning new things, such good grammar, proper punctuation and writing for several hours a day in the case of writing a novel. Resistance is a good sign that informs you that you need to learn new things , grow and develop in ways that are not familiar to your psyche. The third phase is the expansion phase. It is here one has to recognise that a new idea cannot prosper with knowledge that is already known. This is where many good ideas stagnate because of the lack of understanding that an idea is an extension of the person having it. For an idea to blossom, the one having it will have to grow and develop in new ways. In the example of writing a novel, this will perhaps entail being more observantnt of people, and taking notes on certain interesting things you encounter during the day.
This is expansion, as your psyche is not familiar with this kind of activity. This where the conscious mind plays a crucial role. The last phase is the commitment phase. Commitment is simply the act of consciously familiarizing the subconscious mind with new actions and thought unfamiliar to the psyche, which will ultimately become familiar and so make your focus grow steadily. It is more like building body muscle through exercise. You keep up the momentum of lifting those weights over some weeks or months until lifting weights becomes a habit that is no longer resisted by the subconscious mind.
This is how focus can be cultivated and sustained in the persuit of a set goal and it works if scientifically understood.
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