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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Is Your SUCCESS Formula?


Our Success Formula differs from person to person, and when a research was conducted with over 1000 Harvard graduates they found that not one of them agreed on what the definition of success is, yet in general they did agree what failure was. Failure was defined as "not achieving our goals". In his book "Think and Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill shared that the success formula works well when hinted at rather than directly named, yet in the modern world when more than 90% of the knowledge available to humanity has been made available in the past 2 years, we want to name and refine our success formulas towards "Succeeding On Purpose" rapidly and practically.

"Whatever The Mind Can Conceive, It Can Achieve" - Napoleon Hill
We at Latitude Training have been researching and workshopping this idea of a Success Formula for a few years now and have enjoyed becoming aware of the multitude of Success Formulas that exist in the work, after all we merely need to Google "success formula" and find at least 32,9 million sites featuring this exciting topic. A fast way to streamline our research was to search via Google Images as you can then get to grips with the available formulas quite quickly. So again we see a multitude of Success Formulas. So which one works? The practical one that you have tried and find meets your needs. Find something that works, then keep repeating it until you succeed.
Here are just 3 of the Success formulas I have come across are:

A. NLP Success Formula:
  1. Clarify what you want
  2. Take Action.
  3. Be aware (sensory acuity) - of what is and what isn't working
  4. Be flexible (behavioural flexibility) - if it's not working change what you are doing
  5. Operate from a psychology (mind) and a physiology (body) of excellence.
B. Latitude Training Success Model:
  1. Start with Rapport (SELF & OTHERS)
  2. Clarify your Outcomes
  3. Take leveraged action
  4. Have and develop sensory acuity
  5. Utilise behavioural flexibility
  6. Persevere until you succeed
  7. Align yourself with powerful people who will support you.
  8. Support others on their journey
C. Napoleon Hill's Success Model:
  1. Start with an idea or dream
  2. Develop a deep desire to achieve that dream
  3. Form a plan and keep refining it
  4. Take Action - Just Do It
  5. Persevere.
Each one of these formulas / models work powerfully when we engage our authenticity, which by my definition is the alignment between your head (thoughts), words (say), actions (do) and heart (feel). We wish you much luck on your journey to your personal success. As Henry Ford says "If you think you can or you think you can't - you are right"

Einstein's Formula for Success
Mostly the way to succeed is to find a model and repeat their formula. This is process is taught on NLP Practitioner Certification training and one of the leading models we have had in our recent history is Einstein. His success formula states -
Einstein said, "If A equals success, then the formula is: A=X+Y+Z.

X is work.
Y is play.
Z is keep your mouth shut."

We would love to hear from you on what your Success Formula/Models are.
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