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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Definition Of Stress Can Depend On The Person

he dictionary gives the definition of stress as a force or influence that constrains. While this is a rather short and concise explanation, that is exactly what severe or chronic emotional stress does. It constrains life, the enjoyment of it and even health. For people who suffer from it on a daily or regular basis, the definition of stress can be very personal.

What causes stress and how a person reacts to it does depend a great deal on the person in question. Some things that drive one person to extreme distraction might be taken in stride by another. It all depends on personal influences, experiences and abilities to handle stress as it arrives.

However a person explains the definition of stress to them personally, this particular emotional and physical response can greatly impact a life for the worse. If the definition of stress involves symptoms that occur on a regular or everyday basis, the short-term effects alone can be devastating. The long-term effects of stress, however, can prove deadly.

No matter the definition of stress, the short-term impacts are generally noticeable by the person suffering from stress and those around them. For example, in the short-term, stress can cause sleep disturbances, muscle aches and pains, headaches, stomach complaints and even mood swings. People who suffer from chronic stress are noted for being cranky, irritable and quite often angry. It is not out of the question for stress sufferers to also be a bit forgetful and even confused.

The long-term impacts of stress are even more troublesome. If stress is allowed to control a life over a wide span of time, it can lead to heart conditions, depression and even death.

The definition of stress might be rather generalized, but pinpointing its exactly causes and working to alleviate them can help a person regain control. While it is true removing all sources of stress from a life is nearly impossible, lessening the amount isn't. It is also quite feasible to change the way one reacts to stress. The better a person deals with stress, the less likely they are to suffer from its negative impacts.

Living with stress is a way of life. Living with too much stress is not normal, however. Learning to control reactions, reduce stress and find peace with things that cannot be changed can greatly impact a life for the better. If stress is a concern, finding a way to confront it can be vital.

The definition of stress does not make it sound terribly bad. Over the long haul, this condition can lead to serious complications. Taking control is possible

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