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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Exploring the Impact of Stress

Each of us has experienced stress in one form or another. This phrase is used to describe the psychological and physiological reactions that our body experiences when we are subjected to various types of change within the environment. Many people often refer to stress in a negative light, but there is stress that can be good. Here, we will explore the impact of stress in our lives.

When a person experiences stress, it can result in many positive things. The first positive aspect of stress is the fact that it can help us in the area of personal growth and development. By experiencing certain types of stress, we can gain new perspective in regards to the world around us. We can even gain new perspective regarding ourselves. In addition to this, we can also make well-informed decisions by experiencing certain types of positive stress.

Normally, stress is referred to as that which is negative. There are many logical reasons for this. Stress has been known to result in many serious health conditions. These conditions include certain diseases of the heart, difficulties with high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, such as ulcers, stroke, and even emotional complications. Many individuals that experience high levels of stress experience complications in sleep, uncomfortable headaches, and even severe mood swings.

Many individuals seek to completely eliminate the stress that they experience in life. However, many mental health specialists agree that we should not look to remove the stress that we experience completely. Without some stress, we would not strive to meet deadlines, develop our problem solving skills, and learn how to manage our anger, develop close and enriching relationships with others, or learn to cope effectively after a loss. Some stress is the determining factor in our motivations and ability to do certain things. It is not that we need to find ways to eliminate stress from our lives; the issue is finding a way to deal with the stress that we experience in a positive way.

All individuals are created very differently. While one individual may literally crumble under the smallest amount of stress, another individual can take one heap of stress after another. We all respond to things that occur in our lives in a different way. There are no two individuals in the world that are exactly alike. There are many factors that determine how we each cope with stress. Some of these factors include our age, general health, circumstances, and other similar items.

In order to determine how to effectively deal with the stress in our lives, we must learn how to first control the responses that we experience. The following lists some effective means of doing this:

+ Identify Stressors - It is important to be able to identify those things that cause you negative stress, or distress. It is important to take note of the reactions that you experience. You should note the physical and the psychological reactions that you experience.

+ Change - There truly are some things that we are unable to change. Then, there are those things that we do have some control over. This will help you to effectively manage some of the stress that you experience in life.

+ Emotional Evaluation - When you react to stress, you will experience and display a number of emotions. It is absolutely necessary to determine if and how you can change some of the emotions that you experience and display. This may help you to manage some of the stress that you experience.

+ Physical Evaluation - We experience a number of physical reactions when we experience stress. It is important to learn to identify common physical reactions that you experience when you are suffering from distress. This will help you learn to manage the level of stress that you experience. There are many ways that you can learn to control the physical responses that you endure. Breathing techniques and meditation techniques may help you to control physical reactions to stress.

+ Healthy Lifestyle - It has been discovered that individuals who fail to maintain a healthy lifestyle will suffer from stress on a more disturbing level than those who do have a healthy lifestyle. It is important to eat right, get plenty of rest, and get a lot of exercise.

As you can see, stress is not always bad. Your response to stress does not always have to be bad either! By using the advice listed here, you can ensure that the stress that you experience has a positive impact on your life.

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