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Friday, December 18, 2009

Have a Healthy Body and Mind for Stress Management

When most of us think about our bodies and dealing with stress it is mostly just in terms of losing weight. Our weight is what we use to define our bodies these days. Food is the key to boosting your self esteem as well as reducing stress. Food should be taken in its natural form. When I say natural forms I mean for example, when you eat vegetable and fruit it helps to eat them in the form that they naturally come in. if you eat fruit from a can, it is contained in syrup and sugars that will not be good for you so eating them raw is the best choice.

When you are eating vegetables it is best to eat them raw and steamed because it keeps all of the vitamins and minerals in them. You should also avoid processed foods and fried meats. Don't get me wrong fats are a necessary aspect of nutrition however saturated fats are not. The right balance of foods in a day can really be a key factor in reducing your stress levels as most fruits and vegetables contain mood enhancers that most of us don't even think of.

It is best to eat at least three meals a day that are balanced with each food group as prescribed by the food guide pyramid and in between snacks as well. What people don't know is that it is ideal that you eat five small meals a day instead in order to get the most our of your metabolic system. The more foods that you intake in a day that are healthy the better to boost your metabolism.

It is not always easy for most of us to follow the food guide pyramid; however, it is still the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your efforts. Diet and exercise combined is the best way too keep your stress levels at bay, but if you can't do both walking and eating right is the way to go. There is no real excuse not to do both, but it was necessary to mention them.

When we think of stress, we rarely think that food plays a part in it. The truth is that a balanced diet is your best tool in dealing with stress. Junk food and fast foods can actually become a depressant for most people. Foods that are high in fat can greatly reduce our moods. We often feel sluggish and tired after eating junk food. The right diet that is balanced can really have a good effect on your system and that includes your stress levels.
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