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Friday, December 11, 2009

These are the Long and Short Term Effects of Stress

Stress comes with long term and short term effects which all play a part in harming the body. You might have heard people say that a little stress is helpful to the body but, the truth is that some level of stress is helpful to your cause or work which might succeed as a result. It is this little amount of stress in our bodies that graduate and become major stress with serious effects. This is not to say that an ideal situation with absence of stress is realistic but, it is to discourage every notion that may want to entertain stress. When we are stressed, we are definitely not happy and when there is no positivity in our systems, the hormones present will not be acting in our favor. We need to understand that every thought and feeling in our body counts.

Therefore, we should make every effort to make sure that at all times, we maintan positivity because prevention is always better. But, due to many factors and stressors, people realize that they are already caught in a web of stress. It is usually difficult to perceive stress affecting you because you figure that you might be stronger than that. Stress does not affect the weak, it affects everyone who for one reason or the other is unable or refuses to resolve inner issues. This brings in the definition of stress and many people have defined stress but, one thing they have not been able to do is to provide the key or information to solve how it affects different people in society.

Stress is a feeling of exhaustion of resources which are as a result of too much demand from the environment. There are times when you feel that you have given enough of what you had in you and there is simply nothing you can do. We have all have had this feelings and the feelings are in themselves not the problem. The problem is how you deal with feelings of stress. Many people have different way of dealing with the problems and this might be affected or influenced by their background or beliefs. One example is that of a spiritual person who loses a family member and another person not with a spiritual background loses a family member also. The spiritual person believes that when people die, they go to a better place and they might also believe that soon they will also join the person who has proceeded.

A non spiritual person have their minds set on what they can see and their loss will feel like they have forever lost someone. This two people will definitely have different reactions to the stress caused by death and the spiritual person seems to be above their emotions and they will deal with the situation easily. When we encounter stress we sometimes form defense mechanisms which help us cope. Therefore, know how to handle stress from your experiences to avert long and short term effects. The long term effects are serious diseases that will threaten your life like heart disease, cancer and others.

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