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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to Measuring the Intensity of Stress

Stress is a regarded as a medical condition and it can have a serious repercussions. It is thus, very crucial to cope up with it and to accurately pin point the cause of stress. The intensity of stress greatly depends upon the cause of stress. For example, stress could be a combination of stressors related to the work place and an individualâ€TMs inability to cope. A different stress situation could arise due to added pressures at home. In each of these cases, the level of stress felt will be different and an effective measurement of its intensity allows us to classify stress.
Distress is negative stress, which is commonly felt when the mind and body have to constantly change their responses to the external environment. You see the human mind tends to orient in ' comfort zones,' and a prolonged absence from such a zone can make a person feel uncomfortable, resulting in stress.
Acute stress is a type of distress that accompanies a change of routine. It is an intense type of stress, but it is usually short-lived. Acute stress is the way by which the body ensures that a person takes notice of the changes around him or her, and tries to adjust himself or herself so as to be comfortable in face of such changes. Chronic stress is a long-term effect and is generally observed when there is a constant change of routine on a periodic basis. Chronic stress affects the body for a long time and it is also a level of stress, which is difficult to deal with. It needs more attention and efforts to do away with the symptoms of such a stress.
Eustress is a type of positive stress and in most cases is known as a ' necessary factor' to motivate a person to work towards goal realization. It is, thus, a helpful type of stress that is experienced right before one needs to exert physical force. Eustress is the body's way of preparing the muscles, the mind and heart to face what may occur. Thus, it is essential in any creative endeavor to ensure that appropriate levels of energy are channelized to perform better at particular task at hand.
A common example of this type of stress are the ' adrenaline rush' that football players s may feel before a game is to begin. This feeling will help them play better and possibly win the game.
Hyperstress and Hypostress
Hyperstress is a negative stress that is an observed when a person is forced to undertake more than what he or she can endure. A stressful job may overwork the individual and may affect him on serious lines. Hyperstress is a serious form of stress and can affect a person on an emotional level if not dealt with. Hypostress is opposite to hyperstress and is a situation where a person can do much more than what he is expected to. The results of hypostress are boredom and frustration leading to a sense of mental lethargy.
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