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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Managing Stress – Easy Tips to Manage Stress

We all are quite aware of stress. It has become an integral part of our life and lifestyle. However, a little amount of stress keeps us motivated to our task, but if we are getting overstressed, it means we are in ruining our lives. When under stress, we catch all the adverse conditions of our life, both in psychological and physiological terms. Till date, relaxation and meditation are found to be the most effective ways for managing stress.

Stress - Are you feeling it?

Stress is not at all pre-defined. Typically, we get stressed when we are not too concerned about reality and realistic goals, and we do not know how to manage our time, so we are unable managing stress as well. These two factors contribute to most of the stressful situations. However, there are a few inevitable situations (such as divorce, loss of job, relationship crisis, etc.) which throw us into the stress tunnel. We simply cannot avoid these stressful situations. Even an emotionally strong individual needs time to restore his healthy balance after facing these types of stressors in life.

Stress can affect anyone!

Any one can get affected by stress. Whether you are an adolescent or a young adult, or an aged individual; you are not at all free from stress. However, the pattern may be different from each other. But the impact is more or less same for every one.

Why do we need to manage stress?

It is simply because we cannot eliminate stressors from our life. All we can do is to adopt different measures for managing stress in our life. If we do not take proper action for managing stress, it means that we will end up at distress. In a distress condition, we will find ourselves simply broken both psychologically and physiologically. When we are overstressed, it affects us in three ways - psychologically, physiologically and emotionally.

The common stress symptoms are headaches, nervousness, rashes, stomachaches, fast heartbeat, perspiration, increased urination, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, drop in task performance, unable to concentrate, carelessness, boredom, anger outbursts, nightmares, depression, scared, withdrawn, irritation and others. We can easily say that none of these we can really welcome to our life. So, quite obviously we need to adopt proper measure for managing stress.

How do we manage stress?

There are possibly hundreds and thousands of concepts for managing stress, however, relaxation and meditation are found to be best measures for managing stress so far.

You can experience a great variety of these two techniques and mostly all these variations offer excellent solution to stress management program. In relaxation process you can simply relax to sooth your mind and body. Either you can do it by yourself or you can perform relaxation under an expert practitioner. You may begin with simple relaxation and they gradually uplift yourself to experience progressive muscle relaxation in which we need to tighten your muscle initially and then relax them accordingly step by step. An exquisite form of relaxation is called visualization or guided imagery in which you are asked to imagine the places or events where you want to see yourself. It offers a peace of mind, hence lowers the effect of stress quite significantly. If you can practice it one regular basis, you can be benefited in terms of reducing fast heartbeat, lowering high blood pressure, reducing the need for bodily oxygen, reducing muscle tension, enhancing blood circulation and many more.

Additionally, if you practice meditation, it will help you to focus your mind on a specific focal point. Meditation can be practiced in different ways depending on your lifestyle and requirement. When we are stressed out, we may lose our ability to decision making or problem solving. A regular practice of relaxation in combination with meditation can ensure you to take a great care of all of your anxieties, enhance your ability to take decision or solve problems and help you to promote a healthy balance in your life.

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