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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Being Sensitive About the Cause of Anxiety

By Anabella T. Lopez
The modern generation is filled with troublesome conditions that stress out the body too much. If we can have some time to know what are those cause of anxiety then we might do our part to impede the conditions from even happening. Now to become a help, this article will tackle some of the causes that you must be sensitive about:
1. One of the most common causes of anxiety is the stress at work and the stress we meet because of personal affairs. The worry we incessantly feeds the body can lead to the feeling of being anxious then panic attacks may come next! Do not wait before problems can escalate into bigger ones because you will be creating a lot of trouble to the body if you do this hence illnesses may come next to the scene.
2. Bear in mind that both anxiety and panic attack are factors that the mind contrived. Because of this, your view towards life is another cause of anxiety. In view of this, make it a point to look at life with positive attitude. Try to look at the hay instead of the needles. This means that you must look at the resources that life gave you instead of thinking how big your problems are.
3. Anxiety disorders are known to run in families. Because of this, if one of your relative is suffering from one then your chance of obtaining another is big. Also, growing up inside a house where fear and anxiety are two of the most constant emotions shown to children can further "teach" them to become anxious towards life as well. Also, if ever a child grows up with an abusive home, then such child will normally expect the worse at all times.
Although some people are not bothered about stress or anxiety, there are times when the condition becomes too intense that it impedes with the normal functions of life. In case you are always anxious and worried then it will be hard for you to fully enjoy life in general. Also, the cause of anxiety will create some trouble on the manner that you are making friends, the manner that you perform at work, and various other things about life. There are also moments when people would revert to alcohol or drug abuse to ease out the tensions they have inside. The use of drugs and alcohol to care for anxiety is tremendously dangerous.

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