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Monday, April 26, 2010

Can Psychotherapy Help With Depression?

By Bradley Stuart
Can psychotherapy really help with depression?
I agree that it takes more than just 'Sucking it up' but I disagree that depression is a mental illness.
I was diagnosed with depression and bi-polar disorder.
I was suffering such severe anxiety that I often wouldn't leave my room or answer my phone for days.
But I think these days we're getting it the wrong way round and trying to 'cure' this problem by treating symptomatic responses.
As Don Tolman says
'if you want to find out about disease and death then study disease and death but if you're interested in health and well being then study health and well being'
In other words what we focus on grows. We need to be constantly vigilant of our focus.
What changed my life was when i realized that it was not that I AM depressed, it was that I was BEING depressed. It takes a lot of effort to be depressed.
It does and anyone that has DONE depression knows that fleeting joyful moments need to be quickly replaced with negativity in order to keep up the illusion of depression.
For me the meanings that I assigned to the circumstances of my life created a feeling of depression. This feeling of depression left me in inaction.
This inaction created more of the same circumstances in my life and reinforced the original meaning that I created. It was a viscous circle. Medicine will not break this cycle just poison and numb our bodies to the symptomatic responses and not allow us to objectively view our circumstances and move forward.
So for all those who ARE depressed I have one question 'Beyond that, what ARE you that is so much more?'
Bradley Stuart is a life coach renowned for his program The Shift based on Da Vinci's 7 Principles of Living. For amazing breakthroughs in your Finances, Health and Relationships head to

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