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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Harmful Effects of Stress to Health

By Quinn Lambert
No matter where you go, you will likely find people who feel that they are under too much stress as a result of the pace of modern-day life. Our days seem to blur together, and we feel that we have no time to sit down and think about things.
This burden of stress is actually quite harmful to our overall health. Being under too much stress can lead to a host of health problems, including heart disease and hypertension.
To reduce this stress and the health risks that it imposes, we should learn to relax in the face of stress rather than be intimidated by it. Relaxation is an important aspect of both mental and physical health.
It doesn't seem that we'll ever get away from stress completely. Some people have actually learned to accept their stress and channel it into more positive outlets. Stress can actually be a great motivator for us to continue working at improving our own lives.
Of course, most people haven't learned to deal with their stress this effectively. It simply builds and builds until they're frustrated by their perceived inability to control it. Similarly, these kinds of people generally prefer to take the easy route, preferring to have things handed to them rather than rising to meet a challenge and enjoying the reward.
I firmly believe that stress can actually be used in a positive way by inspiring us to improve our lives and ourselves. It serves as a motivator by reminding us that we can't just take it easy; we have to continue working towards our goals.
Remember that heavy stress still poses health risks. We cannot take the stress out our lives permanently, so we should try to discover ways to face it.
We all face stress from many different sources. Instead of running from our stress, we should attempt to make the best of it.
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