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Friday, April 9, 2010

Things That Can Trigger Depression

Depression is more than just a felling of sadness. It is a state of mind that holds you captive and prevent you from enjoying your day to day living. Yes, it prevents you from carrying out your daily duties.
This is a serious mental illness can be triggered by several things and some of them are:
A Major Illness or Injury
A major illness such as cancer and a serious injury, such as the lost of an arm etc. can trigger it.
Life Changes
Many of us are not too crazy about a change in our lifestyle, unless it is a change for the better and when a not so welcoming change takes place, we can slip. Changes such as being laid off from ones job and finding it difficult to get another one, divorce and retirement.
Grief is a part of life that we are all touched with from time to time. It may be because a loved one has died or someone we know is grieving because a loved of theirs has died.
After a period in time, we are expected to move on beyond this period of deep sadness, although we will still miss our loved one. However, this is not always the case for everyone and, there are a few reasons this could be and one such reason can be because the person died unexpectedly.
Therefore, if the mourner is not moving on, to the point of comfort, he/she may slip down the road of depression
Long Term Stress
If you are in a stressful environment on a daily basic and you do not have a constructive way of dealing with it, it will work against you. A highly stressful environment may be, caring for a loved one who need your attention every second of the day, working as a customer care representative and especially at this point in time, investing other people money.
It does not matter what you are doing, as long as you are in a stressful environment and if you do not have a good way of dealing with it, it can "bring about" this mental illness.
Alcohol and Drugs
For many years, we have been told that drinking too much alcohol can damage our body organs and it can also affects the way in which we see things and overall, the way in which we function.
Although it has become legalized in may Countries and Provinces, the danger that it holds has not changed.
Legal as well as illegal drugs can also trigger this illness. Therefore, before you take any prescribed and over the counter drugs, always learn about their side effects. As for the illegal ones, you know the answer to that and that is, say no to it.
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